Peanut Free Snacks

Whether you're allergic to peanuts or just aren't a fan, there are plenty of tasty snacks that don't require these nuts. Guacamole, hummus, edamame and caramel corn are some of our go-to favorites, but F&W's guide to peanut-free snacks also has alternatives to classic recipes that normally require peanut products. These sandwich cookies use hazelnuts instead of peanuts, which adds extra crunch and brings out the nutty flavor of the Nutella filling. Another sweet snack normally made with nuts is brittle, but we have a great recipe for a sunflower seed version. This brittle isn't super sweet and tastes delicious with sharp, creamy cheese. Whether you're craving something sweet or salty, find great peanut-free recipes at Food & Wine.

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Peanut-free Snacks
If you're looking for fast and easy peanut-free snacks, F&W has a few incredible options. Munch on supercrispy chile-cheese yucca chips, a gooey broccoli cheese dunk, tomato salsa with cucumber "chips" and more.
Peanut Butter Alternatives
Ingenious alternatives to peanut butter, from bacon biscuits with roasted apple butter to chorizo-olive griddle cakes with chile butter.