Jerky is a great, protein-packed snack to fuel you during a midafternoon slump, or to take on a hike or camping trip. Opting for store-bought jerky means lots of additional ingredients you might not want, such as excess sodium. But you can control what goes into your jerky, and save a lot of money, by making your own at home. Follow Food & Wine's step-by-step instructions to learn various recipes, including chef Rachel Graville's Asian-inspired spicy beef jerky, the next time you have a craving.

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Grass-Fed Beef Jerky
Seamus Mullen of NYC’s Tertulia restaurant makes his delightful beef jerky with grass-fed flank steak. He seasons it with Bragg Liquid Aminos (similar to tamari) as well as ginger, garlic, maple and smoky chipotle. It holds up well in the fridge, making it perfect for snacking. Slideshow: More Flank Steak Recipes 
6 Delicious Jerky Snacks You Should Be Eating
Gone are the days when beef was the default jerky choice. Now there are a multitude of snackable jerky varieties, made with everything from trout to mushrooms. Here are six of our favorites—for mindless snacking or a protein packed pick-me-up.
Genius Game Day Snack: Khe-Yo's Sesame Beef Jerky
This easy recipe yields the perfect snack to eat while wearing stretchy pants and watching football or Homeland.
Sweet & Spicy Jerky
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Rachel Graville created this licoricey, Asian-inflected jerky after drinking a Manhattan Special soda, a fizzy, coffee-flavored drink created in 1895. More Tasty Snacks
Mexican Lime Jerky
Spiked with jalapeños and fresh lime juice, this zingy jerky was inspired in part by Rachel Graville's stint as sous-chef at a Mexican resort. More Tasty Snacks The Basics of Jerky
Black Pepper Jerky
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This classic jerky gets a double dose of peppery flavor from both cracked peppercorns in the marinade and coarsely ground peppercorns on top. More Tasty Snacks The Basics of Jerky

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How to Make Beef Jerky
Real beef jerky isn't a smoky stick of preserved mystery meat. Rachel Graville's handmade version is an exemplar of the artisanal-jerky trend.