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Snacks don't have to be full of calories and fat—and we're not talking about kale chips. Try healthy dips made with fresh veggies and Greek yogurt, baked sweet potato and carrot chips or trail mix loaded with nuts and dried fruit. One of our go-to healthy snacks is spiced edamame, which is simply tossed with olive oil, chile powder and salt and pepper for a flavorful, protein-packed snack. If you have a sweet tooth, fresh fruit is a great solution. Our recipe for watermelon popsicles blends the fresh fruit with mint, lemon zest and a little bit of sugar. Pour the puree into ice cube trays for refreshing two-bite snacks. Get these recipes and more from F&W's guide to healthy snacking.

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Indulge in Real Spa Food, Turkish Hammam-Style
Self-care shouldn't mean deprivation. Take a lesson from the delicious and generous Turkish hammam experience and make dishes that nourish you inside and out.
Nacho Snack Dinner with Sweet Potato Queso
At my house, we often have what we call Snack Dinner, a meal that lets everyone enjoy a little bit of this and bit more of that—you know, snacking! It’s sort of like a mashup of a cheese board (but with less cheese), a charcuterie board (but with less meat), and a crudités platter (but with more heft). I usually build a Snack Dinner around a central dip or spread, with lots of fresh vegetables. There might be cheese and/or cured meats involved, too, but it all ends up being a healthy meal because, even though there may be a few indulgent items on the tray, there are still all those veggies.This particular Snack Dinner has a bowl of warm, creamy queso at its heart—but not just any queso. I wanted a healthier version, one that didn’t rely on processed cheese. And though I’ve never been the type of mom who sneaks vegetables into dishes (I’m incredibly fortunate to have kids who love vegetables, so no need to sneak), I decided to add pureed sweet potato to queso: The orange color is right at home, the smooth texture helps to thicken the dip, and the subtle sweetness adds more dimension. There’s still cheese involved (I didn’t want the dip to be that healthy)—Colby-Jack, which melts beautifully and offers a little sharp flavor. The key, though, is to shred your own from a block; pre-shredded cheese is typically tossed with starchy stabilizers to keep it from clumping, and that can make for a grainy, gloppy end result.For dippers, I like to include some tortilla chips, of course, but I supplement with crunchy vegetables like cucumbers, bell peppers, radishes, and jicama. I always build out these meals on a half sheet pan. It’s the largest platter I own, and the raised edges hold everything in nicely. (It also looks pretty great in a photo, filling an entire rectangular frame.) I might tuck in a little bowl of nuts, cherry tomatoes, pickled vegetables, or olives, and then I fill the rest of the space with produce. It’s a great meal for movie night, the big game, or a night of card games. Because everyone loves snacking, especially when it involves cheese dip.
Clean Bars
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San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino is an avid cyclist who often takes lengthy rides. He developed these clean bars to take on the road: They have minimal ingredients but pack a ton of flavor. His secret ingredient is coffee salt, which gives a jolt of energy while also replenishing sodium levels. Slideshow: More Dessert Bar Recipes 
Maple, Egg and Ham Rice Bars
San Francisco chef and avid cyclist Matthew Accarrino makes these rice bars to take on the road while he’s biking. Packed with sticky rice, ham, eggs and maple syrup, they’re a perfect balance of ingredients to sustain him while riding. He recommends wrapping the bars in foil-parchment sheets (called non-stick pan lining paper).

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