These Buttery, Savory Salted Egg Snacks Have Our Undying Love

Sunny and super-snackable, salted egg snacks deserve to be celebrated.

Salted egg, a beloved flavor in Southeast and East Asian countries, is simultaneously buttery, savory, and hearty. It's typically made from curing duck eggs in salt, which draws water out from the yolk and brings out complex richness. Abroad, they're ubiquitous in mooncakes, in stir-fries, and on congee. For our favorite salted egg snacks in the U.S., see below.

Chyum Foods

After relying on friends' visits to Asia for egg yolk fish skin snacks, San Francisco–based chYum Foods' founders developed their own version (photo above). ($10,

The Golden Duck

We're obsessed with Golden Duck's rich, smoky snacks that use 21-day-cured egg yolks and have a hint of roasted coconut. ($50 for a pack of 5,


For flavors like barbecue, chili lime, and tart cranberry, Goodfish partners with sustainable fisheries for wild-caught sockeye salmon skin chips. ($25 for a pack of 8,

Tochi Snacks

Tochi Snacks sells salted egg yolk popcorn (see above) and potato chips inspired by the buttery, umami flavors two of the cofounders grew up with. ($32 for a pack of 3,


Singaporean seafood restaurant Irvins exports salted egg–coated chips, salted egg sauce, and the fan-favorite salted egg fish skins. ($27 for a pack of 3,

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