These Four Chips Are So Good, They Don't Even Need Dip

These crunchy, crispy bites are too delicious to be dipped.


Carson Downing / Food Styling by Kelsey Moylan / Prop Styling by Breanna Ghazali

As far as I'm concerned, there are just two kinds of chips. Some can serve as humble supporting actors for dips, like my personal favorite caramelized five-onion dip, as well as this bright, nutty romesco. Others are surprisingly self-sufficient, packing enough flavor, texture, and unbridled crunch to hold their own when enjoyed straight from the bag on a long afternoon at the beach, or during a five-minute gap in between a marathon meeting day.

Lately, I've found myself especially drawn to the latter category, which includes a new crop of maximalist chips that channel ingredients from every corner of the globe into bite-size bits of excitement. Read on for our four favorites.

ZaZa Za’atar Pita Chips

Toasted sesame seeds, tart sumac, and flaky chunks of sea salt coat every inch of ZaZa’s za’atar pita chips. Think of this as the chip that keeps on giving; after you reach the bottom of the bag, you'll get to sprinkle the generous leftover za’atar blend on salad, yogurt, avocado toast, and any other dish that could use an additional kick of texture and flavor. $9,

Confetti Green Curry Mushroom Chips

Who knew that shiitake mushrooms could turn into ultra-flavorful preserved chip magic? Founded in Singapore, Confetti's baked mushroom chips are full of surprising onion and garlic notes tempered by herbaceous basil and a much-needed kick of citrus. After you're done snacking, use the leftovers in place of croutons on a salad. $6,

Paqui Jalapeño Tropicale Tortilla Chips

Pineapple isn’t always the easiest flavor to pick out when it’s accompanied by strong, spicy jalapeño, but its sweetness shines through in these easy-to-find tortilla chips from Paqui. Expect a surprisingly pleasant heat that builds until the very last bite. $6,

Yolélé Tangy Baobab Fonio Chips

Every bite of these chips made from the West African ancient grain fonio is a tangy, earthy rush. It’s easy to make your way through half the bag before coming up for air. Yolélé also makes delicious spice rubs, dip mixes, and pilaf using this versatile grain. $20 for 4 bags,

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