Smoothie Recipes to Kickstart Your Day

These smoothies are as refreshing as they are delicious.

Sweet Beets Smoothie Recipe
Photo: Sarah Crowder

Smoothies are not only delicious, but quick and easy to make with almost any berries or other fruit you have handy — fresh or in the freezer. Whether you're looking for a refreshing breakfast option, a midday snack, or sweet treat, we have a smoothie recipe that's perfect for you. Scroll down for smoothies ranging from a classic banana option created by one of the world's best chefs to an eye-catching sweet beet treat.

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Very Blueberry Smoothie

Very Blueberry Smoothie
© Todd Porter & Diane Cu

This wonderful smoothie is for blueberry lovers, especially when you have an abundance of summer berries. Yogurt adds a nice tang to this ultra-simple smoothie.

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Banana Almond Butter Smoothie

Banana, almond butter, date smoothie recipe

Matt Taylor-Gross / Food Styling by Ali Domrongchai

Medjool dates are the sweetening secret to these nutty, thick smoothies. They add a subtle natural sweetness to the smoothie, and the small pieces of dried fruit scattered throughout are little surprises of chewy, caramelly goodness.

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Sweet Beets Smoothie

Sweet Beets Smoothie Recipe
Sarah Crowder

Fresh, raw beets, a dash of cinnamon, and a date give this smoothie its lightly sweet, mildly earthly flavor. Use a high-speed blender for the best, smoothest results here; you need its strong motor to handle the fibrous raw beets, kale, and seedy berries. Feel free to substitute other frozen fruit and any flavor yogurt to customize your smoothie.

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Banana Smoothies

Banana Smoothies
© Anne Faber

In just a bit more time than it takes to prepare a bowl of cereal, you can make chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's delicious breakfast shake. Start your day on the right foot with this banana-forward treat.

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Strawberry-Almond Smoothie

Strawberry-Almond Smoothies
© Ellie Miller

Coconut water adds delicious and lightly tropical notes to this strawberry and almond smoothie, while the dried figs and agave gives it a sweet kick.

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Açai Super Smoothie

Acai Super Smoothie
© Antonis Achilleos

Brazilians first popularized the nutritious Amazonian açai berry. This smoothie takes advantage of its antioxidants and features açaí, bananas, and pomegranate juice.

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Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie

Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie
© Tina Rupp

The combination of creamy bananas and tart pomegranates results in a refreshing and delightful smoothie. This recipe yields enough smoothies to serve a crowd, but can be cut in half for a smaller yield.

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Strawberry, Banana and Almond Butter Smoothie

Strawberry, Banana and Almond Butter Smoothie
© Lucy Schaeffer

Chef Nate Appleton created this smoothie, which gets a dose of protein from almond butter, as a post-workout snack. The salt sprinkled on top at the end adds a nice balance to the sweetness of the drink.

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