This Compact Countertop Ice Maker Is Fast, Easy to Use, and 35% Off Right Now

It’s also self-cleaning and portable.

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Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine Tout

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Anyone lucky enough to have a home bar (even if it's just a bar cart stocked with your favorite spirits) can testify to the importance of always having ice cubes on hand. Ideal not just for cocktails, a steady supply of ice keeps sparkling water, soda, even white wine, crisp and cold. An ice maker might seem like an indulgence, but a compact version is actually one of the most practical appliances you can invest in for your kitchen.

And, one of our favorites after testing six different models, is on sale right now. In fact, you can grab it for only $76 with a coupon.

Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine


To buy: Silonn Countertop Ice Maker, $76 with coupon (originally $116) at

Measuring 12.3-inches by 8.7-inches by 12.5-inches, this Silonn countertop ice maker fits comfortably in most kitchens, even if you live in a tight space. The capacity is smaller than other ice makers on the market — it can make about 26 pounds of ice per day — but that should be enough to supply a small gathering of friends, or a household of two. The most appealing aspect of this ice maker is that it produces both small and large bullet shaped pieces of ice. This particular shape of ice doesn’t stick together, and it melts slower than traditional ice cubes. 

During testing, we found that the sleek design of the Silonn Countertop Ice Maker makes it one of the better looking ice makers. In fact, it’s so good looking, you might even want to show it off prominently on your countertop. Beyond the appealing design, it was also one of the fastest ice makers we tested, producing a batch of ice in as little as eight minutes. 

It doesn’t take much effort to use this ice maker either: Simply press the “on” button and select the size of ice you want it to make. The machine does the rest of the work. A light goes on when the ice bucket needs to be emptied, so you always know when it’s full. And for extra ease of use, there’s a self-cleaning function. Another benefit is that there’s a handle on the top of the machine, which is useful if you need to transport it from room to room.

The speed and design of this ice maker make up for the fact that you might end up refilling the water tank on this ice maker more frequently than bigger models. Grab this Silonn ice maker while it's only $76, and enjoy frosty beverages all spring and summer long. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $76.

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