These 5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides Will Make Your Holiday

Umami-rich ingredients pack bold flavor into these five vegetarian sides.

Bread stuffing with Swiss chard and chestnuts
Photo: David Malosh

I’m always the guy telling folks that bacon is the best way to take roasted vegetables to the next level or that smoked ham hocks are the boost your braised greens need. But come holiday season, you need recipes that satisfy meat eaters and vegetarians alike. From steeping greens in umami-packed miso butter to studding roasted brussels sprouts with savory mushroom “lardons,” your Thanksgiving sides will never be the same.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Onions with Mushroom Lardons

Brussels sprouts with onions and mushroom lardons
David Malosh

A duo of alliums—shallots and pearl onions—become irresistibly sweet when roasted, making them the ideal partner to slightly bitter brussels sprouts. Bacon, the usual star in recipes like this, is replaced with lardons made from king oyster mushrooms, making this an ideal vegetarian side dish that even meat lovers will enjoy.

Green Bean Casserole with Almost-Burnt Almonds

Green bean casserole with almost burnt almonds
David Malosh

This riff on the Thanksgiving classic features tender-crisp green beans in a silky vegetarian sauce. With incredible crunch and intense nutty flavor, almost-burnt almonds take this dish to the next level; carefully cut one almond in half after the initial bake to make sure it’s browned all the way through.

Braised Greens with Crispy Garlic and Miso Butter

Braised greens with crispy garlic and miso butter
David Malosh

Hearty autumn greens take on new life when braised in a miso butter–laced broth. These richly flavored greens make a versatile side dish for everything from turkey and fish to sweet potatoes and squash.

Savory Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Seeds

Glazed sweet potatoes with sesame seeds
David Malosh

With brown sugar, vinegar, and liquid aminos, these sweet potatoes are the best balance of savory and sweet. You know they are perfectly cooked when they are tender but not falling apart.

Rustic Bread Stuffing with Swiss Chard and Chestnuts

Bread stuffing with Swiss chard and chestnuts
David Malosh

Swiss chard lends a pleasant earthiness to this hearty stuffing; meaty chestnuts add texture and richness. Choose high-quality crusty bread for this recipe to ensure a fluffy texture and crisp top.

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