Thanksgiving stuffing made from dried white bread, chopped onion, celery and various spices was traditionally used to fill turkeys, but has since evolved into an incredibly versatile and popular side dish. We love embellishing classic stuffing with pancetta, apples, chorizo and mushrooms. One of our favorite recipes calls for corn bread, prosciutto and plenty of brussels sprouts for a hearty, satisfying riff on this holiday staple. Or try Grace Parisi's no-fuss version, which gets a flavor boost from breakfast sausage and homemade turkey stock. Find these recipes and more in Food & Wine's guide to stuffing.

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Cornbread Dressing with Celery and Fresh Sage

While many seem to enjoy a yeast bread-based "stuffing" alongside their turkeys each November, my family always has cornbread "dressing" to eat with our bird. Each family and every individual cook has their own way that they like to prepare dressing, often following intuition rather than an exact recipe. But after years of my childhood spent helping my mother prepare it before venturing out on my own, this is the version that I'm happy to share with you.

Rustic Bread Stuffing with Swiss Chard and Chestnuts

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Swiss chard lends a pleasant earthiness to this hearty stuffing; meaty chestnuts add texture and richness. Choose high-quality crusty bread for this recipe to ensure a fluffy texture and crisp top.

Cornbread Dressing with Buttery Sage Croutons

This classic Southern stuffing has a custard-like texture that holds its shape on an overflowing Thanksgiving plate. White bread acts as a sponge absorbing all the flavorful liquid and aromatics. Toasting the bread in the skillet dries it out just enough to keep it from getting soggy.

Sweet Onion Challah Stuffing

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Baked in thin layer in a sheet pan, this nostalgic stuffing has plenty of deliciously crispy edges. When buying challah, look for a loaf that feels springy; when you poke it, the loaf should slowly bounce back to its original shape. The addition of orange juice adds a lightly sweet, floral flavor to this otherwise-traditional dish.

Vegetarian Wild Mushroom Sourdough Dressing

Tangy, crusty sourdough creates a dressing with contrast: chewy center pieces that have soaked up the stock and crispy, toasted edges. To ensure a balanced stuffing, keep stirring the mixture until stock and eggs have absorbed into the bread completely and none is pooled at the bottom of the mixing bowl.

Kish Family Two-Bread Stuffing

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Top Chef winner Kristen Kish’s mom came up with this two-bread stuffing to please both sides of her family: half from Michigan, where white bread stuffing is essential, and half from Texas, where they demand cornbread. A double batch feeds a crowd with plenty of leftovers for the next day.

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Melted Leeks with Currants and Sage

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Slowly cooking leeks in white wine with plenty of herbs and butter makes for a sweet and savory stuffing that perfectly compliments a poached and roasted turkey leg.

Sausage and Fennel Stuffing

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Wedges of fennel and onion meet chunks of sweet Italian sausage in this textural, satisfying stuffing.  A quick homemade sausage laced with red wine and fennel seeds is an optional upgrade for added flavor (see Notes).

Prosciutto-Bread Stuffing with Sausage

This sausage dressing recipe makes enough to stuff a turkey and fill a casserole. Use five cups of stuffing for the cavity and the skin flap at the top of the breast, then cook the rest in an 8-by-11-inch baking dish. Slideshow: More Holiday Stuffings and Dressings Plus: Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide