Potato Side Dishes

Sometimes, you crave a big, hefty carb on the side of your plate. And the next time you do, reach for a potato. They are one of the best comfort foods you probably already have in your pantry, even if you're eating something only as simple as a baked potato with a dollop of butter. And while you might not be interested in a recipe for a plain baked potato, you should want to try Food & Wine's picks for cheesy gratins, warm side salads, creamy mashed potatoes and homemade french fries. There's no shortage to the ways potatoes can make an appearance at your meal.

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Mini Kabob Potatoes
A crispy exterior with a soft, fluffy center makes these quick-cooking fried potatoes a fun addition to a kebab feast. At Mini Kabob in Los Angeles, these popular potatoes are served alongside skewers such as a Beef Shish Kabob, a delectable eggplant dip, toum, and parsley and onion salad.
Garlic-and-Herb Mashed Potatoes
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These mashed potatoes are a speedy, nearly effortless dish thanks to a flavor-packed special ingredient: a garlic-and-herb-flecked spreadable cheese (such as Boursin). For a colorful twist, use purple Peruvian potatoes instead of Yukon Golds to make purple mashed potatoes.
Potato-Parmesan Puree
Passing the cooked potatoes through a ricer, instead of mashing or processing them, results in an airy, delicate puree. Choose Yukon Gold potatoes for best results; they are the perfect mix of waxy and starchy for a fluffy and creamy mash.
Crispy Potatoes with Avocado Salsa
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Papas are traditionally deep-fried, but roasting smashed potatoes at a high temperature (with plenty of olive oil) yields a similar result with a fraction of the mess. Make the avocado salsa while the potatoes are roasting; it’s the perfect creamy, cooling complement to the salty, crispy potatoes and bright, spicy jalapeños.
Smashed Potato and Shallot Gratin
Good, easy potato dishes are something I always like to have in my back pocket, especially in the winter when something cozy and belly-warming is in order. I haven’t yet tired of smashing potatoes, and I’m not sure I ever will.The idea for this dish came to me in a dream: What if I just smashed whole roasted potatoes, right in the baking dish, and then poured roasted garlic–laced cream over them, and then baked them with a scattering of Parmesan until they were crispy and golden and delicious? The use of cream here is judicious, and most of it is absorbed by the potatoes, resulting in an unctuous but not overly rich gratin. The shallots end up caramelized and sticky, and you’ll find yourself digging for them.I like to use an enameled cast-iron baking dish for a million different things, from fruit crisps to roasting a chicken to baking a bread pudding, and it’s the perfect vessel to use here. Failing that, a ceramic baking dish works, too, as would a large cast-iron skillet. All the potatoes should fit easily in one layer (leaving a little room for the shallots). Try out different baking dishes before you oil the potatoes (just tumble them in and see if they fit in a single layer) to find the right one. After roasting until just tender, use a potato masher (or the bottom of a sturdy mug) to flatten each one.Sometimes, I like to prep, or mise, all of my ingredients before I start cooking, but that’s not always the most efficient way. Here, each step is quick to prepare and can be done as you proceed with the recipe. There is a little in and out of the oven with this recipe, but it’s seamless and simple and will have your tablemates swooning over the divine combination of basic ingredients that come together in a way that is much, much more than the sum of its parts.If you want to make this a few hours ahead of time, go as far as smashing the potatoes (leave at room temperature) and making the cream mixture. About a half hour before you want to serve, pour the cream over and bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Go with something simple like a roast or steaks and a crisp green salad with this luxurious side dish.
Crushed Potatoes with Spiced Olive Oil
 Pressing the boiled potatoes through a wire baking rack is a neat trick for easily peeling and coarsely crushing them all at once. A trio of toasted and ground seeds—caraway, fennel, and coriander—mixed with extra-virgin olive oil gives these rustic potatoes a delicately fruity but warmly spiced flavor. Because of the generous amount of olive oil in this recipe, the potatoes are great served warm or at room temperature.

More Potato Side Dishes

Thousand-Layer Duck Fat Potatoes
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When chef Shaun Searley prepares these crispy potatoes at The Quality Chop House, he starts with King Edward potatoes, which have a fluffy texture. Be sure to start a day ahead so the cooled confited potatoes slice cleanly. The portioned potatoes can then be stored in the freezer for up to a month before frying.
Chile-Infused Mashed Potatoes
Steeping guajillo and árbol chiles in the half-and-half that is folded into these mashed potatoes adds a modern twist to a familiar holiday side. A drizzle of cilantro oil cuts the richness nicely (see Notes).
Candied Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon
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At Thanksgiving, these were the sweet potatoes you'd find at Anthony Bourdain's table.