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Endives in Schmaltz with Peanuts

Mildly bitter Belgian endive cooked in schmaltz, or rendered chicken fat, becomes sweet and tender, with golden, caramelized edges. Fresh lime juice and crunchy roasted peanuts balance the richness of this simple-to-make side dish.

Potato-Parmesan Puree

Passing the cooked potatoes through a ricer, instead of mashing or processing them, results in an airy, delicate puree. Choose Yukon Gold potatoes for best results; they are the perfect mix of waxy and starchy for a fluffy and creamy mash.

Cornbread Dressing with Celery and Fresh Sage

While many seem to enjoy a yeast bread-based "stuffing" alongside their turkeys each November, my family always has cornbread "dressing" to eat with our bird. Each family and every individual cook has their own way that they like to prepare dressing, often following intuition rather than an exact recipe. But after years of my childhood spent helping my mother prepare it before venturing out on my own, this is the version that I'm happy to share with you.

Rustic Bread Stuffing with Swiss Chard and Chestnuts

Swiss chard lends a pleasant earthiness to this hearty stuffing; meaty chestnuts add texture and richness. Choose high-quality crusty bread for this recipe to ensure a fluffy texture and crisp top.

Using the Right Potato Is the Secret to a Great Potato Salad

It doesn't matter what you stir into the salad if the potatoes won't even hold together.

More Side Dishes

Crispy Potatoes with Avocado Salsa

Papas are traditionally deep-fried, but roasting smashed potatoes at a high temperature (with plenty of olive oil) yields a similar result with a fraction of the mess. Make the avocado salsa while the potatoes are roasting; it’s the perfect creamy, cooling complement to the salty, crispy potatoes and bright, spicy jalapeños.

Easy Polenta

Most polenta recipes require nearly an hour of patient stirring; this streamlined version comes together off the heat, with a final whisk just before serving. The result is an almost effortless, exquisitely creamy polenta that’s the perfect base for slow-roasted pork and vegetables.

Sweet Potato Pavé

Super-thin slices of sweet potato are key to the finished texture and shape of these crispy bites. Use a mandoline for the best results, stabbing the last bit of potato with a fork to keep fingers safe.