These Japanese Knives Rarely Go on Sale, but You Can Grab Them for Nearly 40% Off at Williams Sonoma Right Now

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There are few tools that hold a similar place in the kitchen as knives. They’re used in every step cooking, from prepping your very first ingredients, to chopping or slicing ingredients to finish the dish. And regardless of how you like to cook, what you cook, or where you cook — you’ll always want options on hand that’ll last a lifetime. 

Shun knives have long held their reputation for some of the most well-crafted Japanese style knives (they’ve landed on countless Food & Wine tested favorites lists, like the Best Chef’s Knives), and though they’re commonly sought after, they rarely go on sale. 

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Until today. Williams Sonoma quietly discounted tons of Shun knives, including some of their exclusive styles with the brand. You’ll find everything from a classic chef’s knife, to utility knives, slicing knives, santoku knives and more — with discounts up to nearly 40% off. 

Shop 10 of the best deals from Williams Sonoma below. And don’t wait too long, since these are limited-time offers. 

Best Shun Knife Deals 

With such a hefty on-sale list, it can be tough to know exactly where to start, but every kitchen needs a high-performing chef’s knife. It’s larger surface area allows you to chop anything from onions to chocolate, and the curved front edge makes it easy to roll and slice ingredients like fine herbs. It’s your everyday knife since it can tackle a variety of tasks. 

Luckily there are four different options on sale, ranging from $130 to $300 depending on the size and style you’re looking for. Shun creates collections of knives with different materials, finishes, and designs — all with a Japanese-style of construction, which means they are often more lightweight than Western-style knives. 

Shun Classic Western Chef's Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Classic Western 6-Inch Chef's Knife, $130 (originally $160) at

Grab the on-sale 6-inch Classic Western chef’s knife if you’re looking for a smaller option from the brand with a lower price tag. This knife has a slightly thicker blade than many other chef’s knives, making it quite sturdy and up to tackle tasks like butchery of poultry, cutting through tougher fruit rinds, and any other ingredient you put in its path.

It’s made from Shun’s Japanese super-steel to help preserve the edge of the knife, meaning you’ll have to sharpen it less. The handle is crafted from pakkawood, and has an ideal weight for plenty of prep work. 

Shun Premier Western Chef's Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Premier Western 8-Inch Chef's Knife, $180 (originally $240) at

For a larger, yet still heavy-duty option, you’ll want to snap up the 8-inch Premier chef’s knife from the brand while it’s still discounted. This knife has similar features to the classic chef’s knife, like it’s VG-Max super-steel with tons of micro-thin layers in between, and  a thicker 22-degree cutting edge for versatility and cutting anything from aromatics to thicker-skinned vegetables.  Where it differs is its artisan look — it’s got a hand-hammered blade that is beautiful and doubles as an efficient way to release food from the knife as you slice or chop. 

Similar in size to a chef’s knife, santoku knives are another prep-work essential to have in your kitchen.. Unlike a chef’s knife they have a straighter uncurved edge, like a cleaver. This makes santokus great for knife cuts that are up and down rather than rocked back and forth, like slicing, cutting, mincing, and even julienning.  

Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Classic Hollow-Ground 5.5-Inch Santoku Knife, $130 (originally $160) at

The 5.5-inch Classic hollow ground santoku knife from Shun is just $130 right now, and features all the hallmarks of this shape. You’ll get a wide blade made with the brand’s super-steel. The edges are also hollow-ground, which means it’s got a fluted blade, plus there are dimples along the sides of the blade. Both features help to prevent ingredients from sticking. Similar to the Classic chef’s knife, it’s got the same wooden material and smooth blade finish. If you’re looking for a larger santoku knife,  the 8.5-inch version is on sale, too. 

For a more precise version of the santoku or chef’s knife, you’ll want to turn your attention toward this Japanese utility knife that’s nearly 40% off. It’s got a light-colored pakkawood handle, and a blade that features a hornet’s nest pattern. It’s great for cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables, as well as trimming proteins. Its pointy tip makes it easy to peel roots like ginger, and its wide surface area makes it a breeze to crush garlic. Plus this knife was crafted to be lightweight and easy to handle. 

Shun Hikari Asian Utility Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Hikari 7-Inch Asian Utility Knife, $250 (originally $400) at

There are plenty of other well-crafted on-sale options to choose from, including specialty designs like the Kaji 6-inch Kiritsuke knife, along with other chef’s knives, slicing knives, and serrated knives. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll surely find a place for Shun’s reputable Japanese designs in any and all of your kitchen projects. 

Shun Hikari Chef's Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Hikari 8-Inch Chef's Knife, $230 (originally $330) at

Shun Classic Serrated Master Utility Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Classic Serrated 7-Inch Master Utility Knife, $120 (originally $160) at

Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Classic Hollow-Ground 8.5-Inch Santoku Knife, $150 (originally $200) at

Shun Kaji Kiritsuke Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Kaji 6-Inch Kiritsuke Knife, $180 (originally $240) at

Shun Hikari Slicing Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Hikari 9-Inch Slicing Knife, $230 (originally $330) at

Shun Fuji Chef's Knife

Williams Sonoma 

To buy: Fuji 6-Inch Chef's Knife, $300 (originally $400) at

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