Hurry, Amazon Is Slashing Up to 42% Off Shun's Razor-Sharp Knives

Everyone needs a good chef's knife.

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Shun Cutlery Sale Roundup Tout

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A chef’s knife is a nonnegotiable tool in every home cook's kitchen. They are not just for professional chefs, as the name might suggest, but instead, can be used for everyday tasks from prepping meat to chopping vegetables. You’ll use it almost every time you cook, so grabbing one with a  long-lasting design is key. 

The blade on a quality chef’s knife should be durable and stay sharp (dull blades are actually more dangerous than sharp blades), and it should be comfortable to hold. Shun is known for producing well-balanced knives that hold up under frequent use, and right now many of their best pieces are on sale for up to 42% off on Amazon. Best of all, the sale includes chef’s knives and Nakiri knives, which are ideal for chopping and dicing vegetables. 

The Best Shun Cutlery Deals

All these knives are made from high quality stainless steel. This hardy material doesn’t corrode or stain, and is easily maintained by wiping it clean and dry after every use. These double bevel knives fit comfortably in most people's hands and are versatile and durable. 

Shun Cutlery Premier 5.5"


To buy: 5.5-Inch Premier Nakiri Knife, $145 (originally $185) at

The straight blade of a Nakiri knife is best suited for performing push cuts, like those needed to chop vegetables. The walnut-finished handle is comfortable to hold, especially important when you’re standing for long periods chopping up raw carrots and potatoes. Shun Premier knives feature a tsuchime, or hammered, finish and a mirror blade polish, for an elegant look that you’ll be eager to display in your kitchen. This Nakiri knife comes in two other colorways, with blonde and grey handles. 

Shun Cutlery Kanso Chef's Knife 8”


To buy: Kanso 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, $95 (originally $163) at 

Made from high carbon stainless steel, the Kanso chef’s knife can withstand tough jobs like cutting up tough, thick cuts of meat. The handle on the Kanso is made from tagayasan, a textured wood that looks beautiful and offers a well-balanced feel for smooth chopping and slicing. This type of handle is also known for being especially durable. 

Shun Classic Blonde 6” Utility Knife


To buy: Classic Blonde 6-Inch Utility Knife, $90 (originally $145) at 

The blade on the Classic Blonde Utility Knife is straighter and more narrow than the one you’ll find on a standard chef’s knife, and can be characterized as the middle ground between a chef’s knife and paring knife. It can take on more precise tasks, like trimming green beans, and dicing small vegetables, than a chef’s knife, but is also suited to bigger jobs like carving up a pork tenderloin . This knife is constructed with stain-resistant Damascus steel (steel with a visible grain pattern). The Pakkawood handle adds a touch of style, and it's particularly comfortable to hold. 

“It’s light and thin so it works on delicate items like tomatoes easily, but it's big enough that you can use it on tougher cuts like potatoes when needed,” wrote one reviewer.

Shun Cutlery Classic Utility Knife 6" and Kai PRO Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears


To buy: Utility Knife and Kitchen Shears Set, $120 (originally $200) at

This set includes a 6-inch utility knife with an ebony Pakkawood handle, as well as a set of kitchen shears. The stainless steel blades on the kitchen sheers can be used to trim herbs, vegetables, and pie dough, cut up parchment paper, and deconstruct a whole chicken. The shears feature no-slip handles, and come apart so that they can be easily rinsed clean. 

Shun Cutlery Classic Asian Cook's Knife 7”


To buy: 7-Inch Chef’s Knife, $125 (originally $160) at

This all-purpose chef’s knife is slightly smaller than the traditional 8-inch chef’s knife, making it more nimble at taking on delicate vegetable prep. It also features a Gyuto-style blade, which has a sharp edge and is lighter and thinner than a Western chef’s knife, and a lightweight ebony handle. It’s comfortable for both right- and left-handed users. 

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