7 Top-Rated Pest Control Gadgets at Amazon, with Prices Starting at Just $4

Pests, be gone!

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Top-Rated Pest Control Tout


Warmer weather breeds bugs. And I can’t stand bugs. They are creepy, crawly, and I’m pretty certain they single me out to bite. From spring until early fall, I’m covered with welts that I can’t help but scratch.

Amazon, thankfully, has everything you need to keep your outdoor space (and indoors) bug-free this year. From fruit fly traps to mosquito candles, they have everything you need to create an impenetrable fortress. We rounded up some top-rated bug killing and pest control items, and best of all, prices start at a mere $4. 

Top-Rated Pest Control Tools at Amazon:

Terro Garbage Guard

TERRO T800 Garbage Guard Trash Can Insect Killer


To buy: $9 (originally $10) at amazon.com

These now-$9 trash can guards attach to the lids of your outdoor trash bin via an adhesive and serve to keep your bings free of flies, maggots, roaches, beetles, and any other bug. They likely won’t work on a raccoon, since they use a vapor to ward off these smaller pests. According to the brand, one of these lasts for up to four months, but some shoppers say the traps work for up to six. 

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

Katchy Automatic Indoor Insect Trap


To buy: $45 at amazon.com

If you’re planning on spending time in your backyard this summer, you need to add one of these bug traps to your cart ASAP. This model has over 57,900 perfect ratings at Amazon, with shoppers praising it for its user-friendly and easy-to-clean design. The color of its UV light attracts bugs and insects then traps them instead of zapping them. This makes it easy to clean since all you have to do is replace the glue trap. 

Terro Indoor Fruit Fly Traps Set of 4

TERRO T2503SR Ready-to-Use Indoor Fruit Fly Killer


To buy: $15 (originally $16) at amazon.com

Nothing is more bothersome than fruit flies zooming around your kitchen. Thankfully, these fruit fly traps make it easy to get rid of them. They are apples in disguise: Fill them with some of the included liquid and in no time, fruit flies will be attracted and then trapped inside. Each one gives you up to 90 days of protection, according to the brand — no wonder they’ve amassed nearly 39,000 perfect ratings. 

Terro Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer ll


To buy: $4 at amazon.com

Got ants? These liquid drops with over 18,500 five-star ratings will make quick work of them. It’s a liquid bait with borax that not only kills the ant that comes upon it, but will work to weed out the entire colony. This is easy to place along your baseboards, near entry points, and under cabinets, so you’ll barely notice it’s there. As for the ants, well, that’s a whole different story. 

Zap It! 2-Pack Electric Fly Swatter

ZAP iT! Electric Fly Swatter Racket


To buy: $33 at amazon.com

Everyone needs a good fly swatter, and this one is both electric and shaped like a tennis racquet. Since it comes in a pack of two, you can even make it a competition, or it can double as spare. Either way, you don’t have to swing it. Just tap the flys with this while it’s on, and they’ll be gone from your house in no time at all. Reviewers praise the swatters for how lightweight and effective they are, with several calling it a “joy” to use.

Murphy’s Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle 2-Pack

Murphy's Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle


To buy: $24 at amazon.com

It’s patio season, and the one thing that can ruin it is mosquitos. These citronella candles with over 4,200 perfect Amazon ratings will keep them away from your outdoor dining set up so you can eat al fresco all season long. Not only are they DEET-free, but the manufacturer says they have a 30-hour burn time, so you can set them and forget them. Amazon shoppers even say the scent of these candles isn’t as overpowering as other citronella options. 

GreenKeeper 36-Piece Sticky Fruit Fly Traps

36 Pcs Sticky Traps for Fruit Fly


To buy: $10 at amazon.com

Last but not least, these sticky fruit fly traps are another effective way to banish this common household pest. Put them in plant beds or indoor herb gardens and fruit flies will come swarming towards them. Shoppers even say the traps have “immediate results,” catching bugs within minutes. Each side is coated with adhesive that will trap them for good. And because of their smart design, you’ll barely notice them at all.

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