26,000+ Shoppers Swear by Shark's Steam Mop That Cleans Dirt ‘Quickly, Completely, and Effortlessly,’ and It’s on Sale

Grab it for only $60.

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26,000+ Shoppers Swear by Shark's Steam Mop That Cleans Dirt ‘Quickly, Completely, and Effortlessly,’ and It’s on Sale Tout

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Keeping your kitchen floors clean is a full time job. The place where  you cook and eat should be clean, but it’s difficult to keep it that way. Not only is it subject to all kinds of stains and splatters, but it's probably the space in your house with the most foot traffic. Sweeping multiple times a day isn’t sustainable, and a traditional mop is bulky, and could even make a big mess worse. You need a sleeker, more powerful tool to make kitchen cleaning seamless. 

A steam mop is the answer — and this Shark Steam Pocket Mop is the perfect option. Not only does it work on all types of flooring (except carpet), it efficiently scrubs away messes left behind by traditional mops, in record time, letting you get back to the things in that life that really matter. 

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner, Purple


To buy: Shark Steam Pocket Mop, $60 (originally $90) at amazon.com

This steam mop works by transforming water into steam. It has a 15-ounce water tank that heats up, and can clean for about 15 minutes before it needs to be refilled. It takes just 30 seconds, according to the brand, making quick work of stuck-on food, spills, and other stains that plague kitchen floors. Not only does it clean tough kitchen messes, but it also sanitizes bacteria from the floor. 

It works on hardwood, tile, linoleum, marble, and stone floors, and the swivel head is easy to  maneuver into hard-to-reach corners. The 18-foot retractable power cord gives it extra reach into different rooms, and the adjustable handle makes it easy to clean staircases. 

The mop measures 11.75- by  6.88- by 24.13-inches, and weighs just four pounds, so it's the perfect replacement for a heavy mop and bucket. Not only is it lighter, but it will take up less space in the closet. And rather than using disposable cleaning pads like some similar products, it comes with two washable and reusable cloth pads. 

The Shark Pocket Steam Mop has earned more than 26,000 perfect ratings on Amazon thanks to the fact that it's so much more effective than sweeping or mopping alone. One shopper who has tried a more popular brand of mop wrote that the Shark steam mop, “Picks up dirt instead of turning it into mud and pushing it around,” and loves it because it eliminates the need to continually buy disposable cleaning pads. 

Another shopper who was hesitant to try yet another battery-powered cleaning gadget discovered that this Shark steam mop “quickly, completely, and effortlessly,” removes messes. “No matter how often you clean your floors,” they wrote, “and no matter how difficult your textured floor is to clean, you will be astounded at the dirt that the Shark will remove.”

If you need to replace the heavy mop in your closet, or you’re tired of constantly sweeping your hardwood floors, the Shark steam mop will change your life. And now that it’s 33% off, this is the perfect time to finally make it yours. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $60. 

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