This Editor-Approved Electric Wine Opener Dislodges Even the Toughest Corks at the Click of a Button — and It’s 60% Off

Never struggle with a cork again.

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Secura Electric Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Aerator, Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener Set


We’ve all had that unnecessarily stressful moment when it comes to opening wine. Whether you’re juggling multiple kitchen tasks, trying to rush to open a bottle to enjoy before your dinner get’s cold, or you’ve got a ton of guests watching you — there’s nothing fun about the struggle of uncorking a fresh bottle. And while traditional wine openers can get the job done, maybe you have an older bottle with a stubborn cork and need a more reliable opener. 

Well, just in time to uncork all those beloved bottles you’ve gathered from the holidays, you can grab Food & Wine’s favorite electric wine opener in a set for 60% off. 

Secura Electric Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Aerator, Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Corkscrew Opener Set


To buy: Secura Electric Wine Opener Set, $24 (originally $60) at

Thanks to its convenient design, Food & Wine testers ranked this Secura model as their top choice for all electric wine openers. And in a separate Amazon listing of just the opener itself, it raked up over 26,400 perfect ratings from shoppers, too. 

The Secura Electric wine opener has a slender, compact shape and a design that makes it easy-to-use, according to testers. Our testers also said that it’s completely effortless to hold, and can uncork the bottle with just the touch of a button. As long as you place the bottle on a flat surface and line the tool straight above the cork, the experience is seamless and quick. If you’ve been given an old bottle of wine or like to collect a few vintage options, this is a great tool for a foolproof way to remove those unruly corks. 

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This complete set also comes with a nifty wine bottle foil cutter and a wine aerator. The corkscrew can open up to 30 bottles with a single charge, but once it loses steam you just use the charging base to refuel it before your next meal or night cap. 

If you like to enjoy wine often, you can leave the opener out using the sleek stand it comes with, or bring it to a friend’s place with the included pouch.

Don’t miss out on this 60% off deal — you’ll get the shopper and editor-loved Secura electric wine opener set, with a few extra tools to improve your wine experience. 

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