Paprika is a sweet, vibrant spice made from dried chile peppers, and is a common ingredient in Hungarian, Spanish and Moroccan cuisines. Americans traditionally sprinkle paprika onto devilled eggs as a colorful garnish, but we also like it in hummus, chimichurri and hearty stews. One of our favorite recipes featuring this seasoning is a simple skirt steak, served with a butter, garlic and paprika sauce that's smoky, tangy and a little bit spicy. Use paprika in a marinade for chicken tacos to perfectly complement the chile powder, garlic and cilantro in this easy, flavorful Mexican dish. Find these recipes and more in Food & Wine's guide to paprika.

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Baltimore-Style Rub
This homemade version of Old Bay is equally spicy and zippy, but far less salty. Use it on fish, shellfish, chicken and pork. Slideshow: More Spice Recipes 
Smoky Spiced Sugar Rub
This sweet, lightly spiced rub is perfect on steaks, but also delicious on chicken, pork and lamb. Slideshow: More Spice Recipes 
Pure Magic Dry Rub
This balanced, sweet-savory dry rub is incredible rubbed on pork, such as smoked ribs, braised shoulder or bone-in chops. You can also save any leftovers to use on grilled or roasted vegetables, to toss with french fries or to season popcorn. Slideshow: More Grilling Spices and Sauces 
Incorporate paprika into your food with thee delicious recipes, from sesame-paprika fregola to chicken paprikás.
Paprika-Ancho Spice Rub
“The ideal rub should have enough spice that you notice it, but not so much that it overpowers the meat,” says Brian Perrone. He rubs this smoky-sweet spice blend, a variation on the one he uses at Slows, on baby back pork ribs and brined chicken before loading them into the smoker.