Mint is very fragrant, easy to grow in your garden and goes well with fruit, desserts, meat and cocktails. It’s so common, in fact, that it’s versatility can be taken for granted. How many herbs can you name that pair with such a wide range of foods? Not many. Food & Wine’s guide explores all the refreshing recipes that feature this amazing herb. We have ideas for spring salads, everyday omelets, fruity summer drinks and more.

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In Defense of the Bay Leaf

Yes they're pointy and you should fish them out at the end of cooking—but they bring enough to the table that they're worth it.
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The 'Magical' Indian Herb You Can Order on Etsy

Best New Chef Niven Patel says that curry leaves are the key to unlocking the flavors of South Indian food. And you don't need a specialty market to find them.
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If You've Got Greens, You've Got Green Sauce

Wilting herbs? Random greens? Throw them in the blender with acid and fat, and you’ll have a sauce that will make everything tasty.
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3 Fast Herb Fixes

A Modern Way to Cook by British author Anna Jones (dubbed the new Nigella Lawson) is a vegetarian bible, and fresh herbs are key. Here, three easy ways to use your herbs.
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Bay Leaf Recipes

This aromatic herb is used to flavor soups, vegetables and meats. Fresh and whole bay leaves are removed before serving and usually take some time to cook to truly bring out the flavor. Rubbing the leaf a little before cooking opens up their flavors as well. Scroll through our collection of fresh bay leaf recipes from some inspiration.