Herbs are the edible, leafy green sections of plants that have been used in culinary and medicinal applications since ancient times. If your dish is lacking flavor, you don’t have to add extra salt or fat. Simply turn to fresh herbs. The licorice notes of basil, the lemony scent of thyme, the fresh punch of parsley—there is an herb to complement any dish. If you’ve only been using herbs sprinkled over your finished dish, try making them into sauces like pesto and chimichurri; they add a burst of flavor to soups and grilled meats, fish and vegetables. The Food & Wine guide to herbs includes tips for working with herbs as well as our favorite recipes like Herb Butter Roasted Chicken, Herbed Zucchini Feta Fritters and more.

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In Defense of the Bay Leaf

Yes they're pointy and you should fish them out at the end of cooking—but they bring enough to the table that they're worth it.

If You've Got Greens, You've Got Green Sauce

Wilting herbs? Random greens? Throw them in the blender with acid and fat, and you’ll have a sauce that will make everything tasty.

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19 Recipes for Cilantro Lovers

Supposedly, you either love cilantro or hate it—but if you’re firmly in Camp Cilantro like we are, we’ve got plenty of recipes that celebrate the bright, fresh herb. It’s perfect in a flavorful chutney served with roast chicken, and adds some zip to your morning eggs. Cilantro also works perfectly in cocktails, like this vodka cooler with cucumber and lime juice. Read on for some of our favorite cilantro-forward recipes.

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11 Delicious Thyme Recipes

Earthy and aromatic, thyme adds depth to any dish. It’s a tried-and-true pairing with chicken, as well as lemon, and you can get creative with the herb by adding it to shortbreads with tomato paste and Parmigiano-Reggiano for a savory biscuit. Plus, if you haven’t hopped on the herby dessert train yet, thyme works well with sweet flavors, too, which is why Jean-Georges Vongerichten developed a lemon-thyme sorbet with summer berries. (And we’re forever grateful.) Read on for some of our favorite ways to cook with thyme.

16 Parsley Recipes We Love

Don’t underestimate how much freshness parsley can bring to a dish. We love how the fragrant herb brightens crispy smashed potatoes, elevates pasta, and, of course, enhances any dish with garlic and butter. Read on for some of our favorite recipes featuring parsley.