Allium is the Latin word for garlic, which is fitting, since this plant species of garlicky herbs consists of scallions, leeks, chives, onions, shallots-and, of course, garlic. Alliums are key to enhancing the flavor of almost any meal, including Middle East­­­ern- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. They can be eaten cooked or raw, and make savory additions to practically everything, from green salads to fried rice. Whether you want to become a master at seasoning with alliums, or need to do something with those chives in your garden, these are the best recipes to showcase them.

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Sumac Onions

Ground sumac adds a lemony flavor to these quick-pickled onions from Maydān restaurant. Versatile and bright, use them to top Maydān's Slow-Grilled Cauliflower with Tahina and Zhough.

Meet the People Who Pick Those Ramps You Love So Much

Omar Thelwell and his small crew of Jamaican farmers (and fish tea enthusiasts) are the expert foragers behind spring's buzziest ingredient.

Save Your Garlic and Onion Skins

Save money, cut down on food waste, and extract more flavor from your produce by keeping and using these precious scraps.

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Poached Leeks with Sauce Gribiche

Chef Jamie Malone of Grand Cafe in Minneapolis poaches leeks to remove their bite and make them incredibly silky. She serves them with a classic sauce gribiche, a French, no-cook sauce made with hard-cooked eggs, capers, cornichons, and a mess of fresh herbs. Slideshow: More Leek Recipes 

Crispy Shallots

These golden, crackling shallots are an addictive garnish on soups, stews, salads, rice and beans… We could go on. Slideshow: More Shallot Recipes