Here are seven ways to cook with grilled garlic.

By Tommy Werner
Updated May 23, 2017
Garlic Confit

In this week’s installment of F&W’s video series with Panna, chef Rick Bayless shows how grilling garlic softens it and turns it sweet, smoky and incredibly delicious. Now, what to do with those perfectly-grilled cloves? Here are seven ways to cook with grilled garlic.

1. Make confit. Garlic confit preserves cloves by suspending them in oil. Slip it under chicken skin, or add it to a cheese plate.

2. Flavor fish. This Spanish-style dish tops trout with serrano ham and a flavorful chile-garlic oil. Swap in grilled garlic to mellow the flavor.

3. Make it into a foam. Whip grilled garlic–infused broth into a fluffy foam sauce for this ambitious sea bass dish.

4. Mash it. After garlic has softened, squeeze the cloves out of their skins and mash them into a paste to mix with mashed potatoes.

5. Spread it on toast. Extra points if the bread is grilled, too.

6. Add it to tapenade. Grilled garlic adds an additional touch of rich sweetness to this black olive spread.

7. Mix it with squash. Mash squash with grilled garlic cloves, rosemary and jalapeños for a fantastic side.