Smoked Fish

Many people are familiar with one of the most famous smoked fish: Nova lox. Not to be confused with just lox, Nova lox is first brined and then cold-smoked (whereas lox is just brined). And while it seems like salmon always garners a lot of attention in the smoked foods world, other smoked fish are popular as well. Smoked mackerel, whitefish, trout and herring are popular ingredients in countries around the world, like Scandinavia, Russia or Iceland. If you're craving smoked fish, F&W's guide will give you plenty of ways to incorporate it into your next meal.

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More Smoked Fish

Potato and Smoked Fish Cabbage Rolls

Unsalted butter adds a creamy richness to the lean whitefish and potato filling, making it easier to spread into the cabbage leaves, and keeping the rolls moist through browning and simmering.
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