Squid is the ultimate fast food, says British chef Rick Stein, who wrote the encyclopedic, James Beard award-winning cookbook Rick Stein's Complete Seafood. Indeed, unless it's being braised, squid shouldn't spend much more than a minute in a hot pan making it perfect for all kinds of speedy dishes. Whether you want to cook your squid on the grill or in a hot pan of oil, F&W's guide has plenty of delicious recipes to try.

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Chilled Poached Monterey Bay Squid with Sugar Snap Peas
Chef Katy Millard of Coquine in Portland, Oregon uses a richly flavored court bouillon and a fresh, acidic vinaigrette to bring big flavor to this quick dish. She also uses pickled sea beans or ice plants to garnish, but you can substitute pea shoots or sunflower sprouts. Printed with permission from Chef Katy Millard of Coquine in Portland, OR.  Slideshow: More Squid Recipes 
Stir-Fried Squid with Green Peppercorns
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A hot wok brings this stir-fried squid from Deana Saukam together in minutes. Green peppercorns are common in the food of the riverside village of Kampot in southern Cambodia. They are more floral than spicy, a great match for the delicate seafood. Slideshow: More Squid Recipes 
Squid Salad with Herbed Breadcrumbs
Cookbook authors Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi learned to make these crispy and addictive green breadcrumbs in Sicily. They’re perfect for freezing and using to top any kind of seafood, from squid and shrimp to salmon and tuna. Slideshow: More Squid Recipes 
Crispy Squid with Everything Chutney
At Indian Accent in New York City, chef Manish Mehrotra serves this fun take on crispy calamari with a superversatile Everything Chutney. “As a play on the everything bagel, I wanted to make a blend of multiple different chutneys that are intrinsic to India,” says Mehrotra. “I also serve it with fries, on burgers or even as a dressing for chicken salad." Slideshow: More Squid Recipes 
Squid and Summer Vegetable Salad with Preserved Lemon Dressing
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This seafood salad from Provence combines simply poached squid, a piquant dressing and a mix of superthinly sliced vegetables made extra crisp thanks to a soak in an ice water bath. The recipe is from chef Cyrille Chaussade of Villa Fabulite in Cap d’Antibes, France. Slideshow:  More Summer Salads 
Squid and Mussel Moqueca
This take on moqueca, a traditional Brazilian fish stew, is pared down to focus on the most flavorful ingredients. Slideshow: More Latin American Recipes 

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Squid with Quinoa and Tomato
There are traditionally two ways to cook squid well: quick and slow. This stew uses the second technique, braising squid with tomato until it becomes silky-soft. Slideshow: More Quinoa Recipes 
Squid Salad + Sicilian White = A Mini Vacation?
The combination of squid, olives, Broccolini and celery in this salad is not only incredibly healthy but also insanely delicious.