Even more reasons to love the shrimp dish.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 29, 2017

We love a classic shrimp cocktail featuring poached shrimp dipped in horseradish-spiked ketchup. We love it so much that we've come up with awesome new ways to enjoy the delicious seafood appetizer. From bacon-wrapped shrimp to smoky tomatillo-horseradish sauce, here are five fun twists on shrimp cocktail.

1. Wrap shrimp in bacon

For this excellent appetizer, jumbo shrimp are marinated in chile-garlic oil, then wrapped with bacon and grilled. They're served with a house-made cocktail sauce that's spiked with a horseradish.

2. Add more seafood

Revamp the classic shrimp-cocktail recipe by including scallops and stone-crab claws, then tweak the cocktail sauce by replacing the ketchup with bottled chile sauce and seasoning it with hot pimenton de la Vera and prepared horseradish.

3. Grill shrimp with herbal skewers

Using sticks of rosemary instead of metal skewers imparts terrific flavor to grilled shrimp.

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4. Amp up the heat

Jalapeño adds smoky flavor to this awesome shrimp cocktail with tomatillo-horseradish sauce.

5. Try it Singapore-style

In this sweeter, spicier riff on a classic shrimp cocktail, Chinese chile bean sauce and ginger are mixed with ketchup in place of horseradish.

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