By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 18, 2016
giant lobster hurricane
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook/Sanctuary Marine Bermuda

Hurricanes can disrupt the lives of a lot of people. But a storm that recently passed through Bermuda is also being blamed for ruining the day of one giant lobster.

In the aftermath of category 4 Hurricane Nicole, fishermen off the coast of Bermuda accidentally hauled in an absurdly large looking 14-pound lobster while fishing for snapper. “Hurricane Nicole blew in some sea monsters,” Sanctuary Marine Bermuda joked on Facebook, posting pics and a video of the unexpected catch.

Though a 14-pound lobster might seem like a no-brainer for an amazing meal, this crustacean lucked out: The fisherman removed the massive male from the fishing line that accidentally hooked him and then released him back into the ocean. This particular catch was actually a “spiny lobster,” also known as a “rock lobster,” meaning if you did eat him for dinner, you’d be missing out on those massive claws that are a signature feature of the kind of lobsters you find in Maine. Plus B-52’s fans might send you hate mail.

Despite how incredible a 14-pound lobster may sound – even a lobster two pounds or bigger looks giant on a plate – many news organizations covering this story have been pointing out that this spiny dude pales in comparison to the Guinness World Record for largest lobster which clocked in at 44 pounds. Come on, news media. What’s up with these unrealistic standards for lobsters?