Judging from a crab's appearance, you would never guess that this leggy crustacean was hiding such sweet, delicate meat inside. Crabs live in both saltwater and freshwater, but when you spot them on your favorite restaurant's menu, they're likely from the ocean. You can catch blue crabs up and down the Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico, stone crabs off the coast of Florida, Dungeness crabs in the Pacific and king and snow crabs in the colder waters of the North Pacific. Food & Wine's guide to crab has plenty of recipes highlighting all your favorite varieties.

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Keralan Crab Cakes with Mint Chutney
Who doesn't love crab cakes? Padma Lakshmi made this recipe to meld a classic American dish with the hot and tangy flavors of her native Kerala. Since crab dishes are abundant in South Indian cuisine, the marriage is a happy one. She liberally uses hot green chiles, but they can be reduced a bit to taste. The shredded coconut gives the dish a South Asian twist, and the dried mango powder adds sourness. If you don't happen to have the amchur, don't despair. Add some lemon juice to the mixture instead. If you do this, you'll probably need less milk.
Hot Crab Dish
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A close cousin of casseroles, hot dish is a staple on family dinner tables and potlucks across the Midwest United States. This version channels the flavor and fun of a crab boil, with Old Bay seasoning, dashes of Worcestershire and hot sauce, and a hint of lemon, adding layers of flavor to sweet fresh lump crabmeat. Frozen potato tots add crunch to this creamy casserole, making it a hearty and filling dinner.
Louisiana Lump Crab Cakes
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My aunt Christine taught me how to make crab cakes over the phone. And what I learned is that you can use leftover boiled shrimp as a binder instead of breadcrumbs. When you grind shrimp in a food processor, it becomes sticky, and just a small amount will hold crabmeat and smothered vegetables together well enough to form into patties.A seasonal salad made with cucumber and tomato or corn on the cob is the perfect accompaniment for crab cakes. Because crab patties freeze well, you can make dozens at once to eat for weeks to come. We stuff the same crab mix inside crab shells, adding a bit of rice here and there to stretch the mix. We also use it to stuff large butterflied shrimp, which we then dredge in cornmeal and fry as a special treat.You’ll need a pound of crabmeat for this recipe. If you have a reputable supplier for picked crabmeat, the meat should be good enough that you can buy regular lump, not more expensive jumbo lump, and you won’t have to pick crab for hours.Reprinted with permission from Mosquito Supper Club: Cajun Recipes from a Disappearing Bayou by Melissa Martin (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2020.
Buttery Crab Casseroles
The simple seasonings in this recipe from the Irish coast, inspired by the luscious buttery crab crumble served at Vaughans Anchor Inn, highlight the crab’s sweetness rather than overpower it. Brown crabs, typical in Ireland’s coastal waters, can be substituted with fresh Dungeness crabs, prized for their high yield—look for them at the fish counter at your local grocery store. The crabmeat mixture yields enough to fill 4 (12-ounce) mini casseroles or 1 (2-quart) baking dish. Serve the buttery crab casseroles with a tossed salad for a complete meal.
King Crab Rolls with Spicy Mayonnaise
Ludo Lefebvre’s sushi filled with crabmeat and Sriracha-spiked mayo are rolled in sheets of soy paper instead of nori (seaweed paper). These versatile wrappers can also be used as a spring roll wrapper or even as a dessert wrapper. Slideshow: How To Make Sushi 
Crab Summer Rolls with Nuoc Cham Sauce
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Layering the crabmeat first in these summer rolls (often mislabeled as spring rolls in America) lets you see it through the translucent wrapper. Slideshow: More Crab Recipes 

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The 13 Best Places to Eat Crab in Maryland This Summer
Finding good crab in Maryland is kind of like sourcing a decent taco in Texas: You know you can throw a stone and find a spot, but there are just so many options that it can be tough to weed out the very best of the bunch, or the boil, so to speak. That's why we turned to in-the-know chefs for the top places to enjoy crab around the state. Here are their top 13 recommendations for your summer eating adventures.—Jillian Kramer
Crab Rangoon
Our version of the fried, crabmeat-filled dumplings known as crab Rangoon are packed with jumbo lump crabmeat, scallions, garlic and fish sauce along with the usual cream cheese. Once the dumplings are fried, we like to dunk them in a sauce made from soy sauce, black vinegar and chili-garlic sauce. Slideshow: More Crab Recipes 
9 Things to Make During Dungeness Crab Season

Last weekend was a big weekend for west coasters—it marked the opening of Dungeness crab season.