Smoked whitefish is a staple in Jewish New York deli cuisine, sold alongside boiled bagels and lox. It’s a fairly mild fish, so when smoked it takes on a lot of flavor. Our recipes use this kosher smoked fish in everything from tartare to chowder—and offer several versions of classic whitefish salad. One of our favorites is chef Amy Thielen’s twist on a classic French brandade. She combines smoked whitefish with tender potatoes, fragrant herbs and Parmigiano-Reggiano, then serves it as a dip with crusty grilled bread. Get this recipe and more from Food & Wine’s guide to whitefish.

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Coriander-Cured Trout Aguachile

Lightly curing the trout in salt, sugar, and crushed spices firms the fish, and infuses it with flavor before its served with a bright and tangy lime juice dressing. Substitute the spring onions with thinly sliced red or white onions, rinsed in cold water to mellow their sharper bite.
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These Are the Best Anchovies, According to Best New Chef Daisy Ryan

Packed with umami flavor and good enough to eat from the bowl like potato chips, Cantabrian anchovies are the king of tiny fish and one of Daisy Ryan's favorite ingredients.
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Grilled Bluefish with Charred Cherries and Peppers

Baldwin’s method of grilling fish takes advantage of the cavity. Slipping a spatula into the fish, instead of on either side, makes it easier to flip and does not disturb the crispy grilled fish skin or flaky meat.
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Send Fish to Your Friends

While we can't be with most of the people we love right now, we can send them really excellent seafood.
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Black Cod with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Red Wine Sauce

A sweet and spicy take on Bordeaux-style red wine sauce makes this tender, flaky fish extra flavorful. Store-bought veal demiglace is the secret to the sauce’s depth; look for it in specialty stores or online. Mushrooms and onions add unctuous texture.
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More Whitefish

Crispy Hake with Gingery Leeks

Tender, quick-blanched vegetables and perfectly cooked fish are served with sautéed alliums and dressed in a creamy white wine sauce in this classic bistro dish you’ll crave.
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Sole with Smoky Chile Butter

Broiling the fillets hot and fast delivers tender, flaky fish and browns the smoky chile compound butter with zero effort. Use cultured butter here; typically higher in butterfat, it has a greater depth of flavor and browns more quickly.
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Seared Mackerel with Marinated Tomatoes

Julia Sedefdjian, the Nice-born chef of Baieta in Paris, cooks food influenced by the sun-soaked ingredients of her hometown. “What I do at Baieta is revise traditional Niçoise and Provençal dishes to make them lighter and fresher,” she says. Sedefdjian’s simple mackerel is briefly marinated, then seared and served over simply dressed ripe heirloom tomatoes. A white balsamic–spiked tomato vinaigrette provides the perfect sweet-tart counterpoint to the rich, robust flavor of the mackerel.