Smoked whitefish is a staple in Jewish New York deli cuisine, sold alongside boiled bagels and lox. It's a fairly mild fish, so when smoked it takes on a lot of flavor. Our recipes use this kosher smoked fish in everything from tartare to chowder—and offer several versions of classic whitefish salad. One of our favorites is chef Amy Thielen's twist on a classic French brandade. She combines smoked whitefish with tender potatoes, fragrant herbs and Parmigiano-Reggiano, then serves it as a dip with crusty grilled bread. Get this recipe and more from Food & Wine's guide to whitefish.

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Steamed Whitefish Yamakake
An intensely concentrated broth pairs with delicate white fish and rich shiitake mushrooms.  Gently steaming the fish gives it light and flaky texture. The citrus zest added just before serving brightens the whole dish.
Whitefish Salad
Smoked whitefish salad is a staple in many Jewish delis and bagel shops, and while excellent purchased versions abound, making your own is a snap. Our recipe is creamy (we add both mayonnaise and crème fraîche) and lightly smoky with a lemony tang and plenty of fresh dill. We also add dill pickle for a hit of acidity and crunch. We like to spread the salad on pumpernickel triangles or bagel chips and top it with thin slices of cucumber, but spreading it on bagels or scooping it over a bed of crunchy lettuce never gets old. Slideshow: More Whitefish Recipes 
Grilled Cobia Salad with Corn and Watermelon
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Chef Kevin Willmann of Farmhaus in St. Louis likes to grill cobia, a sweet, flaky whitefish, for this bright, refreshing salad. If you can’t get wild cobia, mahimahi or even farm-raised cobia are also a sustainable choice. Willmann also suggests chilling the grilled fish before assembling the salad for easier and cleaner flakes. Slideshow: More Whitefish Recipes 
Salted Fish Carpaccio with Parmesan Rind Broth & Pickled Green Almonds
This dish uses the Parmesan Rind Broth just as a flavoring, not as a soup. Note: When purchasing fish for carpaccio, tartare, or sushi, tell the grocer that you plan to eat the fish raw, and let him or her recommend the freshest and most suitable fillet available. If the grocer is filleting it for you, ask to have the parts wrapped separately: the fillet, the skin with the underlayer of fat still clinging to it (for grilling), and the head and tail for the recipes on page 181. They might even have the scales for the recipe on page 192.Reprinted from Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong. Copyright 2017 by Grand Central Life & Style. Published by Hachette Book Group (hachettebookgroup.com) Slideshow: More Whitefish Recipes 
Easy Whitefish Recipes
Whitefish—such as cod, hake or pollock—can be the base to an endless variety of dishes. Here, some of our favorites including salty and sweet shio koji whitefish paired with vinegar-braised kale and a hearty whitefish chowder.
Shio Koji Whitefish and Vinegar-Braised Kale
This enchanting fish dinner is the quintessential use for shio koji, an incomparable salty and sweet condiment made from the same malted rice used to ferment miso, sake and soy sauce. Slideshow: Kale Recipes 

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Smoked Whitefish Tartare with Herb Oil
This easy and delicious smoked-fish starter takes just a half-hour to make. Slideshow: More Fast French Recipes