My go-to tuna salad, especially in the warmer months, is inspired by a trip to the Maldives where it was an unexpected breakfast dish. To make mashuni (in Maldivian), take canned tuna packed in olive oil, drain it, then chop. Add diced red onion, green chiles, lime juice and fresh shredded coconut (look for unsweetened coconut if buying pre-shredded). Roll it in warm flatbread, like pita or roti or even a tortilla, for a sweet, tangy, spicy wrap. I got up early most mornings during the trip to watch the sun rise, but I think it was the promise of breakfast that really got me out of bed. No matter what was served—pancakes with banana-coconut butter, homemade donuts or fresh papaya and mangosteens—it was the mashuni that I craved. Search F&W for other great tuna salad recipes, like Melissa Rubel's butter bean, tuna and celery salad.