While we can't be with most of the people we love right now, we can send them really excellent seafood.

By Maria Yagoda
May 06, 2020

As many of us near our second months of stay-at-home orders and self-quarantine, days blur together and weeks are indistinguishable, punctuated only by loss, terrible news, and generalized anxiety. And yet there is great privilege in being able to stay home right now, as essential workers continue checking us out at the supermarket, delivering our mail, and tending to the sick while at a greater risk for the coronavirus. To spread a little joy to your loved ones who are struggling, whether on the frontlines or in their studio apartments, may I recommend sending some fish? It goes without saying that I also think you should order send some fish to yourself.

If you've never experienced the thrill of receiving beautiful frozen seafood at your doorstep, let me tell you—it is unparalleled, and will save whoever you've sent it to from their home-cooking rut in the way that only good ingredients can. There are several great online services where you can order high-quality, sustainably caught seafood and fish for yourself or your unsuspecting friends and family. While we can't be physically near to most of the people we love right now, we can send them fish, all while supporting purveyors and suppliers whose businesses are suffering with the mass closure of restaurants.

Seafood Delivery and Subscriptions
Credit: David Kadlec / Getty Images

This week, I've been ordering some packages for myself and my friends. (Please don't tell them.) Here are three great options online right now, for both one-off orders and recurring subscription services. For more, check out this roundup of sites where you can buy sushi-grade fish online, and a great list of places to order Pacific Northwest seafood.


The New York City-based purveyor lets you order fish and seafood "bundles," including a smoked salmon brunch package, a paella dinner box that includes mussels, clams, shrimp, and more, and "best of the best" domestic caviar. You can also sign up for their subscription program, The Fish Drop. Order here.

Sea to Table

The sustainable fish delivery startup lets you order boxes like The New Englander, with fish and seafood from the Atlantic coast, and an Alaskan Home Pack, which includes "what fisherman keep for themselves after a fishing trip. Order here.

Sitka Salmon Shares

Okay, we love this. You can sign up for a monthly, CSA-like shipment of super high-quality wild Alaskan seafood, including salmon, cod, bass, halibut, and crab. Prices range from $18 to $28 per pound, depending on the species you choose and the quantity you buy, with free shipping. Order here.