7 Ways to Dress Up Grilled Salmon

Try topping your salmon with these robustly flavored sauces.

Honey-Mustard-Glazed Salmon Steaks
Photo: © Christina Holmes

Richly flavored salmon can stand up to bold flavors, especially when it’s grilled. Here are seven sauces to try.


Sure, a classic basil pesto is nice, but this pistachio-oregano version is spectacular with grilled salmon.

Pistachio-Oregano Pesto
© John Kernick

Honey Mustard

To create a glazed finish, brush salmon with honey mustard that’s been amped up with garlic and thyme. 

Lemon Relish

Floral and lightly acidic Meyer lemon salsa brings out the buttery, rich flavors of grilled salmon.

Grilled King Salmon with Meyer Lemon Relish Recipe
Victor Protasio


Salmon is made extra flavorful when marinated in charmoula, a tangy cilantro-based Moroccan sauce.

Salmon in Charmoula with Risotto-Style Israeli Couscous
© Christina Holmes


Doctor ketchup with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and curry to brush on salmon after it grills.


Salmon works beautifully with an Indian-style yogurt marinade, which forms a fantastic crust on the fish.

Tandoori Salmon


Rub and briefly marinate the salmon with miso, lemon, and ginger before grilling.

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