Halibut is a low-fat fish with a firm flesh and light, clean flavor. Thanks to its meaty texture, halibut does well roasted. Follow chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli and roast the fish whole rather than in portions for an easy but impressive dinner party dish. Halibut’s mild flavor plays well with a variety of cuisines, so you can also use it as a base for punchy salsas, vibrant spice rubs and even curries. The Food & Wine guide to halibut includes easy weeknight recipes, dinner-party dishes and more.

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Halibut with Smoked Oyster Sauce

At Mister Jiu’s in New York City, chef Brandon Jew serves this delicate-looking, snow-white halibut in a golden broth. But the dish gets soul-deep funk from dried mushrooms, seaweed and fermented black beans. 
 Slideshow: More Halibut Recipes
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Halibut with Beurre Blanc 
and Daikon Choucroute

Ribbons of pickled daikon topped with delicately steamed halibut and creamy, tangy beurre blanc create a stunning white-on-white-on-white presentation. This is elegant, modern French cooking at its very best from chef Daniel Rose of Manhattan’s Le Coucou.   Slideshow: More Halibut Recipes
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Citrus-Roasted Halibut and Braised Radishes

The thinly sliced oranges layered under this halibut from chef Eli Dahlin play double duty in the recipe: They add a floral, citrusy aroma to the fish, as well as prevent it from sticking to the pan during baking. Slideshow: More Halibut Recipes
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Halibut with Einkorn, Morels and Tempura Ramps

This elegant dish from Seattle chef Edouardo Jordan features high-in-protein einkorn, the oldest and smallest variety of wheat berry and the only one that’s never been hybridized. Its sweetness is perfect with the earthy morels. The fried ramps are more than just a flourish—they’re spectacularly tasty. Slideshow: More Halibut Recipes
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Mastering My Mistakes: How to Cook Halibut

Inspired by her book, Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen, F&W editor in chief Dana Cowin talks about her attempts to make a simple dinner with guidance from a chef. Here, Kristen Kish, the Boston-based winner of Top Chef Season 10, helps Dana cook halibut like a pro.
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Halibut in Parchment with Corn and Tomatoes

Chef Kristen Kish keeps it simple by roasting halibut, corn, tomatoes and green beans all in one simple packet, allowing the flavors to merge into one delicious meal. Slideshow: More Halibut Recipes
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