If you tend to pass on cod for more popular fish like salmon and tuna, it's time to give it another look. Cod makes a great choice for your wallet, the environment and your stomach: it's relatively inexpensive, it's locally fished off both US coasts, and its mild-tasting, flaky white flesh makes it perfect for a wide variety of dishes. We love it dipped in batter and fried (it's the traditional base for fish and chips) but it can also be elevated into a restaurant-worthy dish such as F&W Best New Chef Mark Sullivan's cod with artichokes and chickpeas. For easy weeknight dishes, tips on how to use salt cod and more, check out Food & Wine's guide to cod.

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Warm Cod Salad with Tarragon Sauce and Boiled Eggs
Eggs and cod are a time-honored marriage of textures and tastes. The starting point for this dish was the grand aioli of Provence, which features a robust aioli with crudités and cod. When you serve this, be sure to flake the cod a little so the sauce can flavor as much of the fish as possible.
Cod with Lemony Leeks, Snap Peas, and Herbs
In my opinion, cod is highly underrated and overlooked. Often relegated to being fried and served with chips doused in malt vinegar (which is perfectly fine and delicious), this flaky white fish doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s buttery, unassuming, and incredibly versatile, which, as I enter my fourth year full-time in Hudson, New York, has made it all the more appealing.When I lived in Brooklyn, I had access to everything food-wise imaginable. Oysters on a Tuesday night with some bread, butter, and wine? Sure! Beautifully marbled meat from our fantastic butcher The Meat Hook, accompanied by vegetables I snatched up at the Union Square Farmers Market? Yes, please! Delicate, fresh noodles from the artisan pasta shop across the street? Why not? Any craving I had could be fulfilled on my commute from midtown. These days I get to work by walking to my office (it’s next to my bedroom) and dinner is more often than not about using what I’ve got on hand, which in some ways can be more fun. I love a challenge.I’m very lucky to live surrounded by the incredible farmland of the Hudson Valley. I know who grows my vegetables and where my dairy, eggs, and meat come from—and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also belong to a farm share, which inspires me to look for joy and inspiration in whatever happens to be in my bi-monthly box, even if it is beets ... again.Similarly, the fish I prepare is also determined by what’s readily available, and in this case, cod has gone into regular rotation. Other fish come and go at my local fishmonger’s shop, but I can always count on cod (especially Alaskan cod, which is sustainably caught). In this dish, cod is quickly cooked in a skillet then given the elegant upgrade it deserves: Leeks take a quick bath in a broth composed of white wine and chicken broth; snap peas get the briefest of simmers so they maintain their fresh texture. Butter is swirled in at the end to slightly thicken up the sauce as well as some lemon juice for brightness.I’d pair this dish with a wine that’s equally as dignified, such as a Chablis, which is located in northwest Burgundy and known for having good minerality from the limestone in the soil. Domaine Bersan produces a very nice one. Served all together you’ve got quite a refined meal. And while yes, you could also make this dish with sea bass or halibut, for the love of cod, why would you?
Irish Fish Pie
“A staple in Irish and Irish-American households, fish pie is usually topped with a puree of white potatoes. But swap white potatoes for sweet potatoes, and it turns out that the mild brininess of the fish is fantastic with the slightly sweet topping. Feel free to substitute salmon or a mild white-fleshed fish for the cod, and shucked clams for the scallops. I find that piping the sweet potato puree onto the casserole is the easiest way to seal in the filling, though carefully spreading it with some patience also works.” Reprinted from Sweet Potatoes. Copyright © 2017 by Mary-Frances Heck. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Kristin Teig. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC. Slideshow: More Sweet Potato Recipes 
White Fish Risotto
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Food & Wine’s Paige McCurdy-Flynn poaches delicate cod in a tasty broth, then uses that enriched broth to cook creamy risotto. Slideshow: More Risotto Recipes 
Alaska Cod Parmesan with Zucchini Noodles
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In place of meat, Alaskan Chef Lionel Uddipa uses tender cod in this light and healthy take on chicken parmesan. This dish comes together quickly and should be eaten soon after cooking, so get all of your ingredients prepped and ready to cook before you pop your fish in the oven. Slideshow: More Cod Recipes 
Baked Cod Fillet with Bouillabaisse Sauce and Green Olive Tapenade
For a special dinner party, the highlight of this dish—the deeply rich, slightly spicy bouillabaisse sauce—is perfect to make ahead. Slideshow: More Cod Recipes 

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Fish Kofta Sandwiches
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Chopped fresh cod is mixed with lots of seasonings and aromatics and formed into a sausage shape before grilling for a supertasty take on the Middle Eastern classic skewered meat patties. Slideshow:  More Middle Eastern Recipes 
Red Coconut Curry with Seafood and Mixed Vegetables
Rocco DiSpirito’s formula for reinventing recipes in a healthy way (without sacrificing flavor) is reversing ratios: The cookbook author and TV chef cuts back on the coconut milk in this curry and instead loads up on shrimp, mussels and cod. Slideshow:  Quick Fish Recipes 
Black Cod with Miso Broth and German Pinot Noir

This is a lightened and less-sweet take on the classic black cod with miso.