11 Craveable Catfish Recipes

Viet-Cajun Style Fried Catfish Po’Boy

Victor Protasio / Food Styling by Torie Cox / Prop Styling by Josh Hoggle

Fried catfish is undeniably delicious, especially when it's turned into a sandwich. That's why we've included four tasty fried catfish sandwiches here: Who could possibly pick a favorite? It's also wonderful in stews, given the Jamaican jerk treatment, and broiled or grilled and tossed with chile-lime dressing to make Thai laap pla duk. Read on for our full roundup of crave-worthy catfish recipes.

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Carolina Fish, Shrimp, and Okra Stew with Black Rice

Carolina Fish, Shrimp, Okra Stew with Black Rice
Kelly Marshall

Chef and cookbook author Alexander Smalls builds rich flavor into this Lowcountry stew with a quick homemade stock using shrimp shells. Worcestershire adds an additional hit of umami, while fresh okra helps thicken the broth.

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Fried Catfish Sandwiches with Cumin Slaw

Fried Catfish Sandwiches with Cumin Slaw
Jennifer Chong

Tender catfish fillets marinate briefly in garlic and pepper before being breaded and fried for these extra-crispy sandwiches from Pawan Mahendro, whose family runs Badmaash, a modern Indian concept with two locations in Los Angeles. 

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Mom's Fried Catfish with Hot Sauce

Mom's Fried Catfish with Hot Sauce
Victor Protasio

"My mother made catfish on Fridays as part of her weekly rotation of dishes," says Chef Todd Richards. "I was always amazed by the crispiness of her fish. She let it sit in cornmeal for about 5 minutes — a technique I use today."

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Viet-Cajun Fried Catfish Po’boy

Viet-Cajun Style Fried Catfish Po’Boy

Victor Protasio / Food Styling by Torie Cox / Prop Styling by Josh Hoggle

This recipe from Top Chef fan favorite Nini Nguyen is a mashup of a classic New Orleans-style po’boy and equally iconic Vietnamese banh mi. Both cultures celebrate sandwiches like these, using crispy fried catfish on a crusty, light, airy roll that shatters when you take your first bite.  

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Clay Pot-Style Catfish in Caramel Sauce

Clay Pot–Style Catfish in Caramel Sauce
© Christina Holmes

Chef Bryant Ng used to simmer traditional bone-in catfish steaks in a sweet-savory caramel sauce at his restaurant The Spice Table. The simpler version here calls for easier-to-find catfish fillets, which are just as delicious.

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Laap Pla Duk (Thai Catfish Salad)

Thai Catfish Salad (Laap Pla Duk)
© Con Poulos

This vibrant catfish salad with mint, dill, cilantro, and a spicy lime dressing is served with a bowl of raw vegetables to balance the searing heat. "You want a really deep char on the catfish skin," says chef Johnny Monis, who recommends wild salmon as an alternative. "It's one of my favorite dishes year-round, but it's best once the weather lets you get the charcoal grill going."

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Konkani Fish Kadi

Konkani Fish Kadi
Victor Protasio

To give this Southern spin on fish curry an upgrade, seek out Simmons catfish, raised in aquifer-fed ponds in the Mississippi Delta.

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Fried Catfish Sandwiches with Spicy Mayonnaise

Fried-Catfish Sandwiches with Spicy Mayonnaise
© Erin Kunkel

Moist, juicy catfish, coated with cornmeal and fried crisp, makes a delicious sandwich on a crusty roll with peppery mayonnaise. If you're not in a sandwich mood, skip the roll, but don't hold the mayo: It makes a fine dipping sauce for the fish.

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Jerk Catfish

Jerk Catfish
© Sneh Roy

The Jamaican spice treatment called jerk isn't just for meat and chicken; it's great on fish, too. Rub the spice paste on catfish fillets and broil for a crisp, spicy coating. Though the sesame seeds aren't traditional, they add a pleasant crunch and rich flavor.

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Catfish Po'boys with Pickle Remoulade

Catfish Po'Boys with Pickle Remoulade

© Antonis Achilleos

These mouthwatering fried fish sandwiches from San Francisco chef Jay Foster are made crispy with a combination breading of cornmeal, panko, and flour. They're slathered with a piquant sauce featuring sweet pickle relish, capers, shallot, and garlic.

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North African Fish Stew

North African Fish Stew
© Con Poulos

Chef Cat Cora’s Moroccan-spiced stew is a great showcase for catfish. This deeply flavorful dish includes bell peppers, red onions, tomatoes, cashews, and golden raisins infused with ras el hanout.

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