Known for its popularity in the southern US, catfish is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in a number of ways. It's also a more sustainable choice—and a great source of vitamin B12. The traditional southern-style preparation is to batter and fry it, like in our catfish po'boy recipe, but the key to great catfish is adding a little heat. Many of F&W's catfish recipes feature some kind of spice—guajillo chiles, cayenne or red chile sauce. Whether you're looking for an easy family dinner or just want a classic fried fillet, our takes on catfish bring the heat.

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Fried Catfish Sandwiches with Cumin Slaw
Tender catfish fillets marinate briefly in garlic and pepper before being breaded and fried for these extra-crispy fried catfish sandwiches from Pawan Mahendro, whose family runs Badmaash, a modern Indian concept with two locations in Los Angeles. Don't skip Mahendro's creamy coleslaw: In addition to the usual cast of green cabbage, red onion, and matchstick carrots, he punches it up with cilantro, bread-and-butter pickles, and a roasted cumin, mayo, and vinegar dressing. Like most slaws, this one gets better after a day in the refrigerator; stir in the cilantro just before serving to keep it fresh. 
Konkani Fish Kadi
To give this Southern spin on fish curry an upgrade, seek out Simmons catfish, raised in aquifer-fed ponds in the Mississippi Delta. Visit for information on where to purchase.
Mom's Fried Catfish with Hot Sauce
My mother made catfish on Fridays as part of her weekly rotation of dishes. I was always amazed by the crispiness of her fish. She let it sit in cornmeal for about 5 minutes—a technique I use today. Excerpted from Soul by Todd Richards. Copyright © 2018 Oxmoor House. Reprinted with permission from Time Inc. Books, a division of Meredith Corporation. New York, NY. All rights reserved.
Catfish Recipes
From a Thai catfish salad to a clay pot-style catfish in caramel sauce, here are delicious and easy catfish recipes.