It's great on the grill, in seafood soup and so much more.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
© Con Poulos

From grilled whole snapper to refreshing ceviche, here are seven terrific ways to cook with snapper this summer.

1. Red Snapper Ceviche

Chef Allen Susser prefers to use firm white-fleshed fish like red snapper for ceviche, because it keeps its shape well.

2. Fennel-and-Grapefruit-Rubbed Snapper

© John Kernick

F&W's Justin Chapple rubs a supertasty mix of crushed fennel seeds and grapefruit zest onto snapper before baking it on a bed of sweet roasted fennel.

3. Grilled Snapper with Pink Chile Salt

© Con Poulos

Once you make the pink chile salt that seasons both the fish and the salad here, you'll want to have it on everything from raw and cooked summer vegetables to grilled bread, melons, mangoes and margaritas.

4. Red Snapper-Citrus Escabèche with Olives

For his refreshing escabeche, F&W chef-in-residence Andrew Zimmern "pickles" pan-fried snapper in a lively citrus marinade with briny olives and roasted jalapeño.

5. Grilled Whole Red Snapper

Don't be intimated; throwing a whole fish on the grill is an easy and delicious way to feed a crowd.

6. Bouillabaise à l'Américaine

© Keller + Keller

This luxe seafood soup is served with amazing garlicky rouille.

7. Poached Red Snapper with Papaya and Mango Sauce

Star chef Eric Ripert's light, healthy dish features a tropical version of what he calls sauce vierge, replacing the pickles capers and tomatoes he would typically use with papaya, mango and ginger.