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Smoked Bluefish Spread
At her summer home on Martha's Vineyard, Jessica B. Harris serves this bluefish spread with crackers as hors d'oeuvres (with a Ti' Punch cocktail) to dinner party guests and at participants in her "five to sevens" — gatherings on the porch with drinks and small bites, so-called because they take place between the hours of five and seven o'clock. Smoky, rich, and creamy, this delicious spread brings together luscious smoked bluefish with light and fluffy whipped cream cheese, tangy whole-milk yogurt, and a dash of acidic hot sauce and horseradish. Don't skip on chilling the dip for at least 1 hour; time in the fridge allows the flavors and textures to meld. Be sure to re-season the blue fish spread with lemon juice and hot sauce after chilling as these ingredients will often mellow over time. The delicate crunch and neutral flavor of lavash or water crackers allow the smoky dip to be the star of the show. Bluefish is a popular and abundant fish on the Vineyard. Another smoked, oily-fleshed fish, such as whitefish, mackerel, or trout, may also be used here.
Grilled Halibut with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
A generous five cloves of garlic give this punchy, well-balanced sweet roasted red bell pepper sauce (made using jarred, roasted red peppers) a mildly spicy bite. It's a terrific marinade for mild white fish, infusing fillets with flavor without making them tough. When marinating the fish, be sure to first set aside a generous portion of the marinate, which does double duty here as a sauce for the cooked fish. Serve with crusty bread for sopping up extra sauce, with juicy grilled squash on the side.
Salmon Croquettes with Creole Aïoli
A homemade Creole spice blend adds a piquant kick to these salmon croquettes, which are crispy on the outside and tender and flaky on the inside. Refrigerating the patties until they're firm before dredging and cooking helps them keep their shape. If you'd like, you can swap in an equal amount of leftover cooked salmon for the fresh fillets to save time. The Creole Aïoli — starring finely chopped cornichons and their brine, Creole mustard, and a hint of sugar — is an irresistible combination of creamy, crunchy, and salty, and an ideal match for the croquettes.
Salmon Burgers with Herb Aïoli
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These salmon burgers make a great, quick summer meal, but can also be enjoyed all year-round. The patties get herbal, bright, and briny flavors thanks to several mix-ins: fresh dill, lemon zest, capers, and Dijon mustard. The accompanying aïoli mirrors the burger's flavors with the inclusion of lemon juice and the remaining mustard and dill, plus parsley and basil for an extra herby boost. When making the patties, it's important to cut the salmon into small cubes, mince the shallot, and chop the capers before adding them to the food processor. This will help the patty mixture come together more quickly and help avoid overmixing, which would result in a gummy texture. The finished burgers are served on toasted brioche buns with the aïoli and some fresh arugula to balance the richness of the salmon and the buns.
Beer-Battered Fish Tacos
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In this taco recipe, IPA adds depth to the crunchy coating on beer-battered cod fillets while the fish inside cooks to flaky and tender perfection. The tacos also feature bright homemade pickled red onions and a cabbage slaw that gets tart creaminess from lime crema and a hint of sweetness from honey. (If you can't find crema Mexicana, use four tablespoons of crème fraîche or sour cream mixed with half a teaspoon of lime juice.) Everything gets piled into charred corn tortillas and garnished with thinly sliced radishes, cilantro sprigs, and a drizzle of reserved lime crema, plus more fresh lime juice if you'd like. To prevent the fish from sticking to the bottom of the pot when frying, hold the fillet halfway into the oil for a few seconds in order to create a skin on the batter, and then slowly lower it fully into the oil.
Air Fryer Fish Tacos
Golden brown panko-breaded cod fillets and a creamy red cabbage slaw are folded into charred corn tortillas in this recipe for Air Fryer Fish Tacos. The slaw gets a pop of acidity from fresh lime juice, as well as savory notes from Mexican-style hot sauce and grated garlic. Meanwhile, cumin and chili powder mixed into the panko means extra flavor in each bite. Adding a little olive oil to the panko mixture helps ensure even browning while air frying. After the cod is breaded and cooked, assembly is a snap — just grab a tortilla, add a piece of cod and a squeeze of lime juice, and top with the cabbage. Thinly sliced radishes add a final crunch and bright color.

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Branzino with Mesclun and Tomato–Herbes de Provence Vinaigrette
Branzino, known as loup de mer, or "wolf of the sea" in French, is mild and sweet. Its delicate flavor pairs nicely with a summery tomato–and–mixed herb vinaigrette. Scoring the fish skin before cooking prevents the fillets from curling in the pan.
Quick-Brined Salmon with Lemon, Miso, and Sofrito
Here, pastry chef Paola Velez mixes green sofrito with garlic, shiro miso, butter, and lemon for a deeply flavorful sheet-pan salmon dinner, a riff on this recipe from former Food & Wine Senior Test Kitchen Editor Kay Chun. Brining the salmon before cooking it seasons the fish and prevents it from drying out. Velez likes to serve this dish with chofán, a fried rice dish popularized by Chinese immigrants in the Dominican Republic. The salmon would also be fantastic served on top of your favorite fresh or leftover fried rice or rice pilaf.
Sizzling Garlic Salmon with Sheet Pan Potatoes
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For this sheet pan dinner, baby potatoes, red onion, and spring onions get a head start in a hot oven, before they are joined by a side of salmon, slathered with mustard and drizzled with toasted garlic oil, which cooks alongside the vegetables for a seamless final presentation. Sommelier Erin Miller, of Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, California, who provided the inspiration for this dish, notes that it tastes even better when served with a great wine. She recommends a glass of Hirsch Vineyards Raschen Ridge Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, noting, "The bright acidity of the Hirsch Pinot Noir is a perfect foil for the fresh, fatty fish and flavors of garlic and lemon."