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Red Shrimp Snacking Tamales

Each two-bite, egg-shaped tamal cradles a shrimp encased in masa seasoned with chiles, garlic, and dried shrimp. At her holiday tamal-making parties, Paola Briseño González likes to make these ahead of time, for snacking on while drinking Guava Ponche with Sweet Vermouth and making main-course tamales with friends.

Coulibiac of Salmon with Pickled Beets and Kale

Once the centerpiece on the tables of czars, coulibiac has a storied past. The pastry-wrapped parcel of fish and various layered fillings started its life as kulebyaka, a Russian delicacy, before being commandeered by the French and rechristened coulibiac. This modern update on the classic swaps labor-intensive brioche with store-bought phyllo, which bakes into an ethereally crisp parcel that encases lemony rice, mustard-brushed salmon, pickled beets, and garlicky kale. Each slice reveals clean, vibrant layers, packed with bold flavors. It’s a striking and delicious dish worthy of the center of any holiday table. Curly kale holds its green color beautifully even after cooking, but any hearty green, like lacinato kale or collards, will work here. Use whole-grain mustard, which adds a bit of acid and heat to the salmon, as well as a nice textural contrast from the crunchy mustard seeds. King salmon is best for this recipe; its high fat content delivers superior texture and flavor.

Why You Should Never Toss Your Shrimp Shells

Homemade shrimp stock only takes about five minutes (and two ingredients) to prepare, but it's a powerful flavor-boosting ingredient that will keep you from ever tossing your shrimp shells again.

Insalata di Pesce

Master Sommelier Pavle Milic, of FnB in Scottsdale, Arizona, gave us the inspiration for this seafood salad, which pairs beautifully with white wines. “I was 14 when I started working for the family business, a little joint called Franco’s Trattoria. We offered a seafood salad that was light, refreshing, and showcased what just a few simple ingredients can do. I love it with Scarpetta Frico Bianco, a blend of Friulano and Chardonnay from my pal (and Master Sommelier) Bobby Stuckey,” Milic says. Quickly poaching the mixed seafood gently cooks each piece to perfect doneness for tender, flaky bites. Choose a favorite olive oil here; its flavor permeates the whole dish and adds a savory vegetal flavor.

Carolina Fish, Shrimp, and Okra Stew with Black Rice

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Chef and cookbook author Alexander Smalls builds rich flavor into this Lowcountry stew with a quick homemade stock using shrimp shells. Worcestershire adds an additional hit of umami, while fresh okra helps thicken the broth. Read more about Alexander Smalls and his epic Harlem dinner parties in “To Dine, with Love.”

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Kwame’s Escovitch Snapper

Inspired by his travels in Jamaica, 2019 F&W Best New Chef Kwame Onwuachi shared this recipe for escovitch snapper. In Jamaica, escovitch fish—fish that’s fried and then topped with pickled, thinly sliced vegetables—is everywhere. In chef Kwame Onwuachi’s version, a garlicky marinade forms a crust as the fish cooks, adding flavor and keeping the snapper moist and tender, and a pickled tangle of thinly sliced chiles, carrot, and onion­—makes a punchy, crunchy topping for crispy fried whole snapper.

This Is the Right Way To Peel Shrimp

We make peeling and deveining shrimp easier in four simple steps.