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Shrimp Burgers

This hearty shrimp burger is a nod to the classic New Orleans po’boy, but without the hassle of pulling out the deep fryer. The trick here is putting half the shrimp into a food processor to use as a binder for the burger, meaning that the patty has more shrimp flavor. Here, we used Old Bay seasoning, but you could also swap in your favorite Cajun seasoning, like Tony Chachere or Slap Ya Mama, for something the hews even closer to a po’boy. If keeping things meat-free isn’t a concern, this is particularly delicious cooked in bacon grease instead of butter.

Scallops Wrapped in Kaffir Lime Leaves

Buy the lime leaves first, so you can gauge the size of scallops that will fit neatly inside. You might buy extra lime leaves for serving because the leaves that flavor the scallops as they cook lose their vibrant green color. More Amazing Seafood Recipes

Carolina Fish, Shrimp, and Okra Stew with Black Rice

Chef and cookbook author Alexander Smalls builds rich flavor into this Lowcountry stew with a quick homemade stock using shrimp shells. Worcestershire adds an additional hit of umami, while fresh okra helps thicken the broth. Read more about Alexander Smalls and his epic Harlem dinner parties in “To Dine, with Love.”

Insalata di Pesce

Master Sommelier Pavle Milic, of FnB in Scottsdale, Arizona, gave us the inspiration for this seafood salad, which pairs beautifully with white wines. “I was 14 when I started working for the family business, a little joint called Franco’s Trattoria. We offered a seafood salad that was light, refreshing, and showcased what just a few simple ingredients can do. I love it with Scarpetta Frico Bianco, a blend of Friulano and Chardonnay from my pal (and Master Sommelier) Bobby Stuckey,” Milic says. Quickly poaching the mixed seafood gently cooks each piece to perfect doneness for tender, flaky bites. Choose a favorite olive oil here; its flavor permeates the whole dish and adds a savory vegetal flavor.

Steamed Rockfish with Thai Citrus

Infused with intense aromatics that are tamed with a hint of coconut oil, this whole-fish showstopper is swimming in bright Thai flavor. Rockfish are native to the Pacific; substitute sustainably caught red snapper, if needed.

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Beer-Battered Fish with Malt Vinegar Aioli

Most pollock, the fish preferred for this recipe, are caught by commercial trawlers using nets, but some chefs are starting to look for line-caught fish, which are more carefully caught and processed by fisherman like Tim Rider, for a superior product. Chef Jeremy Sewall uses line-caught pollock for fish and chips at Row 34 in Boston because it is a firm fish that remains flaky when cooked. The beer batter should coat this fish without being too thick; when fried, the batter should puff and crisp while the fish steams inside the crispy shell.

Crab and Smoked Salmon Pintxos with Vanilla Oil

These delightful pintxos combine a lemony fresh crab salad with smoked salmon and salty pops of salmon roe. A drizzle of fragrant vanilla oil is a surprise complement to the seafood, but it can be optional. Slideshow: More Crab Recipes 

Kwame’s Pepper Shrimp

Infused with layers of heat from Scotch bonnet chiles and fresh ginger, Kwame Onwuachi’s pepper shrimp are inspired by a beloved Jamaican street food. Deveining the shrimp but leaving the shell on helps protect against overcooking. Onwuachi fell in love with this recipe when traveling in Jamaica.