The Best Gift I Ever Got as a Mom Is This Stool That Lets Me Spend More Time with My Daughter in the Kitchen

It’s the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

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Once my now 19-month old daughter Alma got strong enough to stand, then walk, and then run — on a battery of energy that sometimes seems limitless — the question of how to entertain her and achieve a few moments of stillness was one that was on my mind constantly. I wanted a way to spend quality time with her that doesn’t involve me chasing her around the park or the living room until one of us runs out of steam (it’s always me).

The solution turned out to be this $100 wooden step stool — and it’s well worth the price. 

SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail


To buy: Sdadi Kitchen Step Stool $100 (originally $120) at 

After researching step stools for toddlers for several months, I decided on this one. This particular model is one of the most affordable toddler-safe kitchen stool options out there, which can cost as much as $189 from other retailers. The solid wood material is sturdy enough that it doesn’t rock or shake when she’s standing on it. Measuring 15.3- by 18.10- by 35.4-inches, it’s compact enough that I can slide it up to our dining room table and it fits alongside our chairs. And it only weighs 9 pounds, a crucial feature which allows me to easily carry it to different parts of the house on my own depending on where she wants to stand. Plus, it’s so easy to assemble that I did it myself in about 30 minutes. 

We’ve had it for about a month now, and I can honestly say that it’s fundamentally changed the way that we interact and play with our daughter. I can feel her curiosity about cooking and baking grow. She’s getting used to the loud clatter of the stand mixer, the heat from the stove, and sizzle of oil on a hot pan (from a safe distance) and I can tell that being exposed to so-called grown up tasks bolsters her independence and confidence.  

Alma is also genuinely having fun in the kitchen, and that to me is what makes this stool such a special gift to moms (or any other loving female figure) and their kids. At 19 months, Alma should be exploring her world through play, and this is exactly what the kitchen stool helps her do. I give her a bowl filled with water, a couple of measuring cups, and she pretends she’s measuring her own ingredients and mixing them together. She could do this for hours and not get tired of it. 

Another reason that moms will love it is that it offers them more freedom to pursue their interests in the kitchen. I am a self-taught baker who rarely has time to take on big baking projects anymore. But thanks to this kitchen stool, I can bake more frequently because I don't have to constantly stop to make sure Alma isn’t eating a crayon or yanking one of our cats’ tails. She’s standing right next to me, usually peering inquisitively over the rim of a mixing bowl, or sinking one tentative finger into a bowl of flour. 

And most importantly, it’s safe. The high-sided stool has four-sided railings, including one behind her, so that she can’t fall backwards. While the bar in the back can’t be removed once the stool is assembled, it keeps her safely contained, and she quickly learned to duck her head underneath it when she climbs onto the stool. When she wants to get down, she slides down the steps on her backside. 

This Mother’s Day, a gift that I know the mom-figure in your life will appreciate is a way to spend quality time with her children. This kitchen stool does just that, and it can even entertain an energetic toddler. For just $100, you’re also getting years of bonding together, and that’s truly priceless. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $100.

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