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Ham, egg, chicken and tuna salad sandwiches—all typically prepared with mayo, celery and mustard—have been around for decades. To upgrade this standard lunch, we like to add lots of fresh herbs like parsley, dill and chives, and top the sandwiches with peppery arugula, thinly sliced tomatoes and creamy avocado. Anchovies are great in egg salad, while black olive dressing makes for a delicious Italian-style tuna salad, and fresh corn provides sweetness to classic chicken salad. Find these recipes and more from Food & Wine's guide to salad sandwiches.

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Tuna Melts with Pickled Chicories
Pickled chicories amp up this tuna melt, a lunchtime classic, and are a great use for leftover mixed chicories. The pickles can add a pop of tangy sweetness to salads or be served as a condiment with grilled or roasted meats.
Green Potato Smørrebrød
“If I only have one hour left to live, a potato with mayonnaise would be one of my last bites,” says chef Claus Meyer of the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Station. This open-face rye sandwich is Meyer’s ode to potato salad. He adds fresh dill, pickled onion and potato chips for crunch and dimension. Slideshow: More Open-Faced Sandwiches Recipes 
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Chicken salad sandwiches are traditionally made by mixing cooked chicken with mayonnaise and fresh herbs, occasionally adding sliced grapes for sweetness. One of our favorite variations of this lunchtime classic is a spicy Sriracha version—cooked chicken and edamame get mixed with the hot sauce, mayo and chile powder, and then stacked in a sandwich with arugula, alfalfa sprouts, sliced tomato and pickles. For something a bit cooler, try adding tangy feta and fresh mint to your usual chicken salad recipe to create a flavorful and sophisticated lunch. Here, these recipes and more.
Greek Salad Sandwiches
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This is Greek salad perfection: Michael Psilakis tops warm bread with garlicky red-pepper tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt spread) and a piquant combo of cucumbers, olives, peperoncini, tomatoes, radishes, greens, and feta. It's stellar with homemade ladopsomo bread and yogurt, but equally good with store-bought. Michael Psilakis: Great Greek Salad
Fresh Tuna Salad with Avocado
Nan McEvoy created this salad after falling in love with the incredible olive oil-poached tuna prepared by her friend Paul Bertolli, the former chef at Oliveto's in nearby Oakland. McEvoy uses albacore tuna here, but any fresh tuna will do. In addition to spooning the salad into avocado halves, she also uses it as a sandwich filling and a topping for crostini. More Recipes With Avocado

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Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese and Grapes
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Grace Parisi considered many classic salads, like Waldorf and Cobb, before deciding on her version of chicken salad, which mixes store-bought roasted chicken with blue cheese, grapes, celery and sunflower seeds. She likes eating it wrapped in Bibb lettuce leaves. Slideshow:  More Salads with Meat 
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
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Slow-poaching the chicken breasts keeps them extra moist. Slideshow:  More Sandwich Recipes