Whether you like tuna or patty melts, these cheesy, crispy sandwiches are an easy meal for lunch or dinner. We love Monte Cristo melts, piled with ham and Gruyere, or BLT-inspired melts made with plenty of crispy bacon, melted cheese and peppery watercress. If you like to put melted cheese on your veggies, try this super cheesy broccoli melt. You make the filling by sautéing broccoli, red onion, olives and tomatoes, and then layer it into the sandwich with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese. For an easy upgrade on a classic tuna melt, use balsamic vinegar, olive oil and basil instead of mayo to make the tuna salad. Layer the filling on a ciabatta roll with Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese and kosher pickles for melted perfection. Get these recipes and more from F&W's melt guide.

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Patty Melts with Charred Scallion-Chipotle Mayo
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Classic versions of the patty melt often include caramelized onions, but those take time, so here cookbook author Molly Stevens leans on quick-charred scallions instead. Chipotle-spiked mayonnaise adds an extra dose of lushness and a punch of smoky heat. For the cheese, semisoft cheeses like Oaxaca or Monterey Jack add a satisfying tang, but any good melting cheese works—cheddar or Swiss are perfectly delicious stand-ins. You’ll need a heavy skillet (cast iron works great) that can hold four sandwiches; otherwise work in batches or in two skillets. Form the ground beef patties to match the size of the bread, ensuring every bite of the finished sandwich achieves a proper bread-to-cheese balance.
Delhi Melts
These cheese melts are spicy, gooey, and fragrant with red onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and Sriracha.
Brioche Crab Melts
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Vitaly Paley, the chef and owner of Paley's Place, created this deliciously indulgent version of the classic tuna melt while competing in a cook-off sponsored by the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission. Pairing moist chunks of crab with brioche, truffle butter and nutty Gruyère cheese easily snagged him a first-place prize. More Recipes With Crab