toaster grilled cheese
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You know those moments when you want a grilled cheese but don't feel like going through the trouble of actually, like, cooking something? The lazy man's grilled cheese is finally here. No, you can't just do that life hack thing where you set your toaster on its side and put the toast bread and cheese right in, because your toaster just isn't designed for making grilled cheese. And we mean, really not designed for it. But now, thanks to UncommonGoods, the toaster grilled cheese is possibility.

How did they solve the problem? With Teflon-coated pouches. You stick your grilled-cheese-to-be into the pouch, pop it in the toaster, and it will heat evenly without damaging your appliance. The pouches also have little handles, so you can more easily remove it from the toaster. Basically, it's a pocket that keeps your grilled cheese nice and safe.

Of course, this opens up a world of possibilities for toaster creations. After all, once you can make a grilled cheese, you can add ingredients, make a tuna melt, get fancy with brie and pear sandwiches, and so much more. You can also grill pitas and reheat pizza in these pouches too.

For ten bucks, you get 3 bags that can each be used up to 50 times. So that's 150 grilled cheeses. That ought to last us at least a month.