Following a massively successful crowd-funding campaign and four months of hard work, the latest installment in animator PES’s stop-motion food series hit the Internet today. Submarine Sandwich, which follows the creation of a sub, is the follow-up to his Oscar-nominate film Guacamole. Like Guacamole and his first food film Western Spaghetti, PES (he prefers to go by his handle) uses everyday, inedible items to make realistic-looking food.

Submarine Sandwich is his first crowd-funded project. For the other two food films he received money from Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill and Silicon Valley fame as well as Showtime. But using Kickstarter allowed him to release the film directly to Youtube and to do it on his own schedule and he says he hopes to fund more projects this way in the future.

Academy Award nominations are only a month away, but with the success of his past work and the publicity he got from his funding campaign he might have enough buzz to get another nomination. That’s good news for 87 of his backers who he promised to thank individually on stage if he wins.

What do you think, is his sandwich Oscar-worthy?