BLT Sandwiches

A BLT just might be the perfect sandwich, what with its crispy bacon, creamy mayo, crunchy lettuce and juicy tomato on toasted bread. This garlic aioli BLT is one of our favorites, and comes from Los Angeles chef Travis Lett, whose restaurant serves it only
in summertime. He makes the aioli with an egg yolk, fresh garlic and lemon juice, which is spread generously on sourdough toast and stacked with thick-cut bacon, heirloom tomatoes and peppery arugula. There are countless ways to improvise on a classic BLT—its simple ingredients can even be turned into a hot dog topping, a hearty salad or a burger topping. Get these recipes and more from Food & Wine’s guide to BLT sandwiches.

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14 BLT Recipes That Prove Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Is a Winning Combination Every Time

Though a simple BLT is perfection in a sandwich—especially when tomatoes are in peak season—that combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato can do no wrong, whether it's dressing up a smokey smash burger or a luxurious lobster roll. Swap in fried green tomatoes, deconstruct the sandwich into a salad, layer the ingredients onto a hot dog—it's time to get creative. To get you started, we've rounded up 14 of our favorite ways to bring the BLT to new heights.
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Bacon-and-Butter Sandwiches

Pastry genius Dominique Ansel gives the beloved English “bacon butty” a French accent by subbing slender baguette for the standard white toast. Flavor upgrade: Ansel replaces the traditional ketchup with sherry. Slideshow: More Bacon Sandwich Recipes
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Bacon Sandwich Recipes

These bacon sandwiches–which also feature lobster, trout, chicken and more–are perfect for a filling and easy-to-make breakfast, lunch or even dinner.
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Soft-Shell Crab and Bacon Sandwiches

As a Baltimore native, David Lentz feels strongly about the proper way to cook soft-shells: pan-fried (he hasn't let his girlfriend, Suzanne Goin, prepare them since she tried to grill them). He arranges the crabs on a baguette with bacon, cabbage slaw and mustard crème fraîche and eats the sandwich open-faced, though it's neater with the top on.    More Amazing Seafood Recipes  
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