Sandwiches + Wraps

The Earl of Sandwich may take all the credit for this genius food's name, but people have been putting ingredients between bread since the earliest recognizable sandwich in 110 BC (bitter herbs between two pieces of matzo). Now almost half of all Americans eat a sandwich every single day—and there's no shortage of options to choose from. Nearly every country and region has its own take on this classic. Cubans are famous for taking a ham and cheese sandwich to new heights by combining ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard and pressing it between two slices of Cuban bread to create a crispy, melty meal that will make your mouth water. New Yorkers love a hot pastrami on rye with a slathering of mustard, while New Englanders opt for a luxe lobster roll in the summertime. F&W's guide to sandwiches covers all your favorites, no matter where you're from.
NOLA Barbecue Shrimp Po’ Boy
Barbecue Shrimp Po’boy
20 mins
Italian Beef Sandwich
Italian Beef Sandwiches
21 hrs 50 mins
Peaches and Cream Sandwich
Peaches and Cream Sandwich
15 mins