This Ice Sphere Mold Will Elevate Your Nightcap—and It’s Only $11 Right Now

With over 7,000 perfect ratings, it’s a fan favorite.

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Samuelworld Large Sphere Ice Mold

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We can debate whether clear ice actually makes a difference in a cocktail all night, but one thing is certain: It definitely makes a cocktail look better. And while clear ice and cloudy ice might not actually be important to the taste of your drink, the shape of your cube impacts how fast the ice dilutes and alters the flavor of your beverage. 

While most cocktails call for small ice cubes, one of the best shapes for drinking a nice Scotch like the Macallan, or a sip-worthy añejo tequila is a sphere: It’ll melt slowly, and it looks damn good, too. And right now, you can add one of these spheres to your nightcap for just $11 at Amazon

Samuelworld Large Sphere Ice Mold


To buy: Samuelworld Large Sphere Ice Mold, $11 (originally $20) at

Samuelworld’s large sphere mold will make four spheres every time you pop it in the fridge. One of the nicest features of this ice tray is that it has spouts on the top of the mold for you to pour water in. This makes it easier to carry from the sink to the freezer without spilling and ensures you get a perfect sphere every single time.

Each mold is freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe (although I’m not sure why you’d put them in the microwave). The plastic used is BPA-free, and the lids for each sphere are individual pieces, so you can easily replace that one sphere you pulled out for your Scotch without risking the other three spheres. 

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Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers are obsessed with these molds thanks to the flavor its cubes bring to their drinks, how easy it is to use, and how easy it is to clean. One reviewer writes they were using a smaller option, but now prefers these molds. They say, “The larger ice ball takes longer to melt and adds less water to your drink. I prefer to sip and drink my Scotch and Bourbon slowly, the larger ice ball doesn't water down my drink as fast, allowing me more time to enjoy.”

Another adds that this is their favorite one they’ve tried, writing that this is an “easy-to-use mold for large round ice cubes for drinks on the rocks. I've used other brands that were a mess and never made a nice round ice cube. This one is easy to use and makes great ice cubes for drinks!”

If you’re looking for a way to make your nightcap more elegant and enjoyable, snag this ice sphere mold while it’s still just $11 at Amazon

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