This Collapsible Washing Bin Is a Camp Kitchen ‘Must-Have,’ and It’s Only $16

“It made washing dishes a breeze.”

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Camping season is here, and if you plan on cooking up some fresh meals on your next trip, you'll need a way to clean up. But, as many of us know, that can be tricky to say the least. 

Depending on what you have access to, certain tools like this dish washing bin, might just come in handy. It's an easy way to clean all of your cookware and dishware without taking up a ton of space and  it’s just $16. 

SAMMART Collapsible Dishpan with Draining Plug


To buy: Sammart Collapsible Portable Dishwashing Tub with Drain, $16 at

This bin was made to tag along on any outdoor journey, whether that's hiking, camping, going to the beach, or even just a  tailgate. That’s all thanks to its portable and space-saving design. It’s a big, roughly 2.5-gallon tub. Though it’s 8.25-inches long, 12.8-inches wide, and 13.19-inches tall when fully expanded, it can collapse down into just  2.5-inches tall, making it slim enough to tuck away. It’s also built to be as stable as possible so no water falls out when it’s in use. There are four sturdy standing legs at the bottom, with a piece built into the center for extra support. 

Its BPA-free silicone-like material makes it easy to clean, plus it comes with a drain at the bottom. To fill the tub for washing, you just turn the drain dial to ensure nothing comes out the bottom. When you’re all done with washing or need to change the water, you just twist it to release it like a bathtub. 

You can grab it in a few colors too, like this gray and black combo, red and gray, light blue and gray, and white and gray, among others.  

Amazon shoppers write that this is a complete essential for outdoor activities. “The collapsing feature makes this a must have for camping,” a user wrote in their review

Another shopper bought the piece and almost forgot to take it with them, realizing during the trip that they were so glad they didn’t leave it behind. “It made washing dishes a breeze. No more fumbling around, balancing dirty [and] washed items so they don't fall in the dirt,” they wrote, adding that the fact that it collapses makes it a breeze to pack away, and that they plan to bring it on future trips. 

“It is the perfect size and depth. I use it to wash small amounts of dishes daily. The drain cap prevents leaks. It's easy to drain afterwards, wipe clean, dry, collapse and put away,” a third person said, adding that it also takes up very little space. 

While we’re all planning and looking forward to our next outdoor adventure, it’s also important to stock up on those helpful tools we need along the way. The $16 Sammart tub is the perfect example, since you’ll be able to cook and clean up easily, even outdoors. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $16. 

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