Tuna Salad


Riffs on the classic recipe, from Gwyneth Paltrow's hearty hot niçoise salad to a warm wheat berry version with tuna, fennel, and olives.

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Bacon-Wrapped Tuna Steaks with Frisée and Avocado Salad

Bacon-Wrapped Tuna Steaks with Frisée and Avocado Salad
© Tina Rupp

Katy Sparks likes to treat tuna steaks like beef. Here, she wraps them in bacon as she would a beef tenderloin, which not only adds a subtle smoky flavor to the fish but also keeps it moist.

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Butter Bean, Tuna, and Celery Salad

Butter Bean, Tuna and Celery Salad
© Antonis Achilleos

Big, creamy butter beans give a tuna and celery salad terrific heartiness. The salad would also be delicious spooned over slices of warm grilled country bread.

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Hot Niçoise Salad

Hot Niçoise Salad

Gwyneth Paltrow transforms one of her favorite salads, the Niçoise, into a hearty one-dish dinner by roasting tuna steaks on a tangle of beans, tomatoes, anchovies and olives.

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Warm Wheat Berries with Tuna, Fennel, and Olives

Warm Wheat Berries with Tuna, Fennel and Olives
© Frances Janisch

For this Mediterranean-inflected salad, chef Seamus Mullen likes poaching fresh tuna or bonito in olive oil; store-bought fish jarred in olive oil works very well, too.

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Tuna and White Bean Salad


Purists would insist on imported Italian canned tuna fish for the Tuscan classic, but we think plain old tuna from the supermarket is just fine, too. However, make sure the fish is packed in oil; not only will the tuna be infinitely more flavorful, we use the oil as part of the dressing.

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