Mixed Green Salad

Mixed green salads usually have some combination of baby lettuces, arugula, frisée and spinach. These leafy greens also taste delicious when mixed with parsley, basil or chives, like in this herb salad, which is served alongside sweet grilled scallops. Mixed green salads make a healthy and flavorful side dish for chicken or fish and are wonderful when tossed with fresh fruit and tangy cheeses. This mixed green salad uses supersweet grilled peaches, Spanish blue cheese and toasted walnuts to create an amazing dish. If peaches aren't in season, you could also use pears to get a similar sweetness. F&W proves that salads don't have to be boring—find your perfect salad in our helpful guide to mixed greens.

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Salad of Mixed Greens with Mushroom Vinaigrette
If you assemble the salad ahead, spoon the vinaigrette onto the bottom of the bowl and pile the greens on top; toss the salad just before serving.Terrific Green Salads
Mixed-Greens-and-Herb Salad with Figs and Walnuts
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Using whole leaves adds bursts of flavor to this salad. If you can find good fresh u003ca href=u0022/slideshows/figsu0022u003efigsu003c/au003e, use them here in place of dried ones.u00a0u003ca href=u0022/slideshows/greensaladsu0022u003eu003cstrongu003eMore Green Saladsu003c/strongu003eu003c/au003e