Shoppers Are Swapping Their More Expensive Meat Thermometers for This One That’s 85% Off

It’s the perfect dupe.

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Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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Cooking steak shouldn’t be a guessing game. And yet, when you find yourself with a bone-in ribeye you paid top dollar for dripping its juices through the grill grates, there’s no way to see when it’s perfectly done. You can’t throw it at the wall like you might with pasta, you’ve got to be brave, decisive, sure of your abilities. Or, you could grab a meat thermometer, and skip all of that nonsense.

And if you’re looking for one, check this out: A dupe of one of our favorite meat thermometers, the Thermopen, is 85% off at Amazon right now, and some shoppers are swapping their more expensive thermometers for this one

Instant Read Meat Thermometer


To buy: Rouuo Instant Read Meat Thermometer, $13 (originally $87) at

Even though the Rouuo Instant Read Meat Thermometer is a dupe, it’s no slouch either. In fact, it’s racked up over 3,400 perfect ratings on Amazon already, with reviewers noting that it’s accurate and easy to use, with  some experienced grillers claiming it’s the best one they’ve ever used. 

This meat thermometer works as most others do: It has a probe that flicks out like a car key to take anything’s temperature, and a LED screen to display it. The brand says it can take a reading in just two to three seconds, and it’s waterproof too, so it’s easy to clean, even if you get it covered in drippings.

One reviewer loves this meat thermometer so much, they write that “This must be the best meat thermometer out there.” They continue to say, “The instant read is awesome, you don’t have to wait over the heat for a reading to finally settle,” and add that it has one more perk: “I don’t know about you, but when it comes to barbequing, I always have a beer and I no longer look for a way to pop open the bottle as this thermometer even has a bottle opener.”

Another reviewer bought this to take the temperature of their proteins, but it ended up revolutionizing their kitchen. They say that their oven temperature seemed off, and only after buying and using this meat thermometer were they able to notice and fix the problem. They write, “Suddenly everything I bake is acting much more as expected. We now have far more confidence in our results, so spend much less time with the oven door open, checking on the progress of the food.”

Whether you’re a baker or a griller, this is a meat thermometer your kitchen needs. And at 85% off, it’s worth grabbing ASAP

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