Rice Krispies Cereal Now Has Its Own Candy Bars — And They're Not Chocolate

Two flavors of crunchy treats are hitting the candy aisle.

They've snapped, crackled, and popped in your cereal bowl for years and found their second calling as a marshmallowy treat, but starting this month you can try Rice Krispies in a whole new way. The cereal brand is releasing its own line of candy bars in two debut flavors.

For its inaugural lineup, the famed Kellogg's brand is sprinkling its cereal bits not into chocolate, as you might expect, but into marshmallow and strawberry flavor candy. The first is reminiscent of the classic gooey snack (that's become so popular the recipe is printed on the box). The other fruitier flavor might evoke memories of adding some fresh berries to your cereal bowl, or perhaps similar candy combos like strawberry Pocky.

Perhaps that's to differentiate itself in the category where putting crispy rice into chocolate bars is already a thing. Crunch and Krackle are candy aisle mainstays, and plenty of other brands like Trader Joe's have their own takes.

Rice Krispies Strawberry and Marshmallow Candy Bars

Courtesy of Frankford Candy

As for Rice Krispies' chocolate-free offerings, the 2.75-ounce bars hit stores beginning in April at a (suggested) price of $2.49. Expect to find them in-store at Walmart, Five Below, and Big Lots, and online at FrankfordCandy.com and Amazon.

To enter this new category of Rice Krispies product, the brand teamed up with Frankford Candy, which is described as the "largest marketer of licensed confections and gifts in the United States," (other products include Welch's Jelly Beans, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Gummies, and official Spongebob Squarepants Krabbie Patties. The cereal company and candy maker have also previously collaborated on chocolate Easter-themed products, including Rice Krispies eggs and bunnies.

We can already imagine the makers of Krackle and Crunch bars are shaking in their boots.

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